Texas, part 2

…and I’m back. Just a few more minutes before my flight home to Buffalo and my beloved 🙂 I did miss him.

We woke up Sunday morning and, after enjoying a buffet breakfast at our B&B, headed to our spa appointments at The Gruene Day Spa, just a mile down the road. Heather got a facial and I got a sports massage… So nice!

Uplifting moment: after our spa trip, my tummy was growling, so we stopped at a little coffee and smoothie shop, expecting a bit of a hippie atmosphere. Well, after ordering my drink, I suddenly heard Christian music on the speaker. And then I realized all the books were devotionals and other God-inspired goodies. I just thought it was neat and unexpected, and made me feel just a little better that my $8 smoothie was supporting a Christian organization.

We checked out the Gruene Historical District, where I spent 20 minutes in the ‘general store’ sampling about 12 different flavored of honey butter before deciding in the blueberry nut and peach amaretto flavored. And then proceeded to leave them behind at Heather’s… Sad!

Heather couldn’t let me leave without some Texas Pride BBQ, so we headed there for a mid-afternoon lunch.

We split ribs, brisket and sausage as well as their cheesey potatoes, which were awesome.


I couldn’t pass up the peach cobbler, which was amazing!

The Riverwalk was our next stop, where we walked our BBQ off before our next treat–guacamole!

We ended up at Boudro’s, where they make your guac right in front of you:


We had plans that night to meet some of our Ohio bible study friends at Pappasito’s, where hey make the tortillas fresh!

Being more than full at this point, I split some fajitas that were amazing. The homemade tortillas just made them incredible!

Check out the tortilla maker!


Not wanting to end the fun, we headed to the movies to see Safe House, which was pretty good. At that point, I was so tired and full, I just wanted to crash!

Boarding my flight now, see you all in NY!

don’t mess with Texas

I’m currently waiting in the San Antonio airport for my flight to Atlanta. I had such a great trip–a huge thank-you to Silas for arranging everything!

Here’s the rest of the trip:

Heather and I headed out Saturday morning off on our own with plans to get a hotel and schedule some spa appointments.
Our first stop was the Magnolia Pancake House, a famous breakfast place around here and a feature on Guy Fieri’s Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives. We split an omelet and the apple cinnamon pancakes with hash browns-amazing!

We spent the rest of the day stopping by Central Market, an awesome grocery store here where I picked up some homemade tortillas, tortilla chips and chile- and margarita- flavored dark chocolate, as well as getting manicures and pedicures.
We headed to Salt Lick, a well-known BBQ place here also featured I the Food Network. We sampled their wine at the tasting room while waiting for our table.



After splitting ribs, brisket, sausage and cobbler we headed to Gruene Historical District where we were staying. We went out that night to Gruene Hall, the longest running dance hall inTexas, to listen to some music before heading back to our room for wine and cheese, goodies we found at central market.

Oops! Plane is boarding! Will continue Texas highlights later…

10 years

Ten years ago today, Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend.

…three months and ten days later, he gave me a promise ring.

…two years, four months and twenty-seven days later, he asked me to be his wife.

…one year, one month and twenty-three days later, we said ‘I do.’

Andrew, I loved you even before day ‘one’ and I’ll never stop.

Forever and always,

your holly