my first overnight

My first night away from Maelle was decidedly anticlimactic. Since becoming a mother, I’d assumed there would be tremendous dread and anxiety associated with that first trip away from my baby girl. I imagined tears–both hers and mine–shed as I drove off.

Nope. Instead, I got a half-hearted ‘bye mama’ as she pranced around in her jammies, ready to play with papa all day.

Obviously, I waited too long to go away. Ha! I’m sure I would have planned a getaway last summer, had we not been in the middle of a pandemic.

So, last Saturday morning, away I went, to meet Emily, in Chagrin Falls. We’ve been a handful of times over the years, as its exactly halfway for both of us. It’s almost too perfect of a destination. We stayed at the Inn there again, and decided we would never stay anywhere else. (Last time, we brought the babies, and stayed somewhere we would have adjoining hotel rooms. It was a mistake.)

We arrived in time for lunch, and to find the village mobbed for their sidewalk sale. Other than having a hard time finding parking, all the extra people added a pleasing energy to the mood. It was a perfectly sunny and in the mid-70s, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

We grabbed a quick lunch at Lemon Falls before walking around all afternoon, perusing all the shops. While I was trying so hard not to buy anything, I did find THE MOST PERFECT PILLOW on sale and felt so lucky to have nabbed it.

Later that evening, we went out to dinner and loved every minute of our kid-free dining experience.

We made it back to our room, relaxed with some Olympics, and then turned out the lights.

The next morning, we ate brunch across the street and then headed to Frohring Meadows, a little park with walking trails that we found on a visit a few years back. It had been sunny and warm that morning, but when we arrived there were ominous clouds in the distance.

We made it about 1.5 loops before the rain started to fall, and even though we’d walked with our umbrellas, we still got soaked! We got so wet we had to hit a grocery store on the way out to change into dry clothes in the bathroom! We were a sight.

We spent about 24 hours together, and it felt like a whirlwind and a week all at once. We talked, laughed and–for the first time in a LONG time–were able to finish a few sentences without getting interrupted by our little ones. We’re already planning our next visit!

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