don’t fruit the guac

Except that I did, and it was great.

So I made Shape Magazine’s Guacamole de Frutas the other day. It was a recipe I found in the winter (I think their December issue?) but figured I’d wait until summer when some of the ingredients were at the their best (can you even buy peaches in the winter??).  Problem is, the recipe also calls for pomegranate seeds.  Talk about a recipe of conflicting seasons!

Well, as it turned out, last week was quite the debacle of recipe choice vs. grocery store availability.  Long story short:  I was a good wife and had Andrew pick out some recipes he wanted me to make and I should have seen the first red flag go up when he grabbed my Eastern European cookbook.  Don’t get me wrong, we love all those Mediterranean/Lebanese/Turkish dishes, but I have to really pick and choose what I make so as not to have to go on a wild goose chase for some unheard-of ingredient.  Well, I didn’t do that…and ended up with a grocery list a mile long featuring things like “sumac” and “lavender flowers.” (I found neither, but did have acceptable substitutes.  And thankfully we have a Penzey’s Spices on Elmwood, so next time I’m in I’m just going to stock up–expiration dates be damned!)

Anyway, two of his dishes called for pomegranate seeds, as well as this one, and since I’d just seen pomegranates at Wegmans the other day (to my surprise, no less), I figured they must be getting them despite it being summer.  Well, wouldn’t you know that the day I go looking for the infamous red orbs, Wegmans doesn’t have a single one.  Tops to the rescue!


I fruited the guac…with apples, peaches, mango, pomegranate seeds, a little onion and lime juice, and a tiny bit of jalapeno.  YUM.  I ate it as a lunch side with tortilla chips, and then had another portion on some cinnamon-sugared pita for breakfast.  Both were very yummy options.  If you like guacamole, be sure to give this one a try.

you know you’re addicted to granola when…

…you have multiple UNOPENED containers of it and you keep buying it.

Yes, I do.

These are all unopened.  Brand new.

BUT!  Before you judge, listen to me justify:

-the two bags on the left were from OpenSky and are a fundraiser for another blogger with cancer.  If I had cancer, I would want a nice stranger to buy granola to support me, too.

-the box in the front:  one of two I got for a steal at Wegmans shortly after we got here.  Granola is relatively pricey, and I was in a ‘quantity not quality’ kind of mood that day.

-the two boxes in the rear on either side:  Trader Joe’s finds from my trip in August.  Mango on the left (because I have an open jar of their mango butter with which I use to flavor plain yogurt, so it seemed like a nice pairing) and Ginger Almond on the right because, well, I love ginger and have never, EVER seen it in granola like this before.  Can’t wait to try it.

See?  Now doesn’t it all make sense?  Happy granola-eating to me 🙂

pineapples and mangoes…all the way from texas!

Someone in Texas loves me 🙂

My dear friend, Heather, sent me a little care package filled with all sorts of yummy things that remind her of me.  Actually, she had a CD she needed to mail to me, so she thought she’d include some goodies…except that she forgot to put the CD in there!  That is so Heather 🙂

It was a pineapple/mango-themed box with a few other goodies.  Can you believe she sent a two-liter of soda??  In a box.  From Texas.  Apparently it’s big down there.  Well, everything is big down there.

I’ve already tried the “Just Mango” bits in a cup of tea.  Neat!

Lemon Bars…ahh, this is a joke between Heather and myself that WILL. NEVER. GO. AWAY.  In a nutshell: in a rare moment of imperfection (ha!), I had to throw away a WHOLE BATCH of from-scratch lemon bars I’d made for her and my joint going-away party.  I just had to re-do them!  I thought I’d figured out what I’d done wrong, but after peeking in the oven at the second attempt, found that the same tragedy was about to occur!  Heather and I quickly grabbed the sheet pan and hurriedly started fixing the still-hot shortbread crust with our bare hands! The memory should sting, but it doesn’t, and I grew up on these Krusteaz-brand goodies (my mom was a fan).  So yes, I’ll give the box a try next time.

The note says, “My princess, you are purrfect.”  All I can think about when I see the cover of this card is Antonio Banderas’s voice as Puss in Boots from Shrek, saying that phrase in a sultry way to the white cat.  I love it.

Aww, she doesn’t want me to get sick!  I agree, the Emergen-C powder drink packets are awesome.  They come in all sorts of flavors now, but I used to have the orange and raspberry stashed away.

Yes, Heather does know me well.  I LOVE off-the-wall grains for cooking.  Hello amaranth and teff flours!

Boy, does she know me well!  What could be better than mango jam?  PINEAPPLE and mango jam!  I cannot wait to try this stuff…

Thank you, Heather, for all my goodies!  Give my love to Margaret and Silas–we miss all three of you so much!