Time to Supercharge Your Body

It’s that time of year again—cold and flu season is upon us, and let’s not even talk about COVID—so here’s my annual PSA about how you can increase your chances of staying healthy by eating right.

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Fruity Waffle Sundae

–Read the blog post about it here.

Fruity Waffle Sundae  (SHAPE magazine, January 2011)

1/2 C nonfat cottage cheese or 1/4 nonfat ricotta cheese

1 tsp grated ginger

1/2 C pomegranate seeds

1/2 C sliced kiwi

1 whole-grain waffle

2 tbsp pumpkin seeds

Mix together the ginger and cottage cheese or ricotta.  Toast the pumpkin seeds until lightly browned.  After toasting the waffle, top with cottage cheese mixture, fruit and pumpkin seeds.

Sweetness 7

*STILL working on the post about last weekend’s trip to Ohio… Enjoy this in the meantime!

So, Friday after Christmas, Regina and I FINALLY (and I mean finally–we hadn’t seen each other since JULY) got together for a brunch date.  Where did we go? A cute-as-can-be little creperie in Buffalo near the zoo.  Andrew and I had actually pointed it out before while driving by and remarked that it was a must-try.


We ordered coffee first–a regular for her and a Vanilla Ginger Latte for me.  I was all set to get a regular coffee (cheaper, fewer calories), but the word ‘ginger’ on the menu caught my eye and I couldn’t resist.


There was even a hunk of crystallized ginger in the mug!  I would definitely get it again.  Andrew is a huge crepe fan (who knew?), so I’m sure we’ll find our way back there at some point.

When we decided on our breakfast, it was a nutella and banana topped crepe for Regina and a baked-brie-filled, sauteed apples-topped crepe for me.  Heavenly.


And, fingers-crossed, Regina and I have another date coming up next week.  This time, we’ll probably partake in a little frozen yogurt…