Sweetness 7

*STILL working on the post about last weekend’s trip to Ohio… Enjoy this in the meantime!

So, Friday after Christmas, Regina and I FINALLY (and I mean finally–we hadn’t seen each other since JULY) got together for a brunch date.  Where did we go? A cute-as-can-be little creperie in Buffalo near the zoo.  Andrew and I had actually pointed it out before while driving by and remarked that it was a must-try.


We ordered coffee first–a regular for her and a Vanilla Ginger Latte for me.  I was all set to get a regular coffee (cheaper, fewer calories), but the word ‘ginger’ on the menu caught my eye and I couldn’t resist.


There was even a hunk of crystallized ginger in the mug!  I would definitely get it again.  Andrew is a huge crepe fan (who knew?), so I’m sure we’ll find our way back there at some point.

When we decided on our breakfast, it was a nutella and banana topped crepe for Regina and a baked-brie-filled, sauteed apples-topped crepe for me.  Heavenly.


And, fingers-crossed, Regina and I have another date coming up next week.  This time, we’ll probably partake in a little frozen yogurt…

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