(VERY) belated Christmas highlights

It’s January 8.  I know.  Forgive me.

The fam on Christmas morning:


Mom reading from Luke on Christmas Eve night: (at least we muted the TV)


Christmas decor:






Hadrian getting his rawhide candy-cane shaped bone Christmas morning:


Andrew and Odie:


What a great picture of our guy!


Josh’s new shoes: (this photo does not even come close to how bright they are in-person)


A photo sent from mom and dad when they got to Allison’s in PA after leaving NY:



We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, an unbelievably Happy New Year and that things are going smoothly so far.  I’ve resolved to eat better (like everyone else on the planet), work out more (like everyone else on the planet) and stress less (again, like everyone else on the planet).  Which of course will mean that Andrew will lose weight and I’ll gain it…  Just kidding!

Just returned from my Ohio trip and took the morning off (there goes resolution two about working out more) to get my house and brain organized for the week.  I’ve already blogged for the co-op, sent a few emails and am about to either run or run errands…


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