Yawn…. Stretch….

Good morning, gentle readers. It’s almost 8 a.m. And I’m blogging from my snuggle-y bed here at Emily’s.

Look what greeted me when I arrived:


We enjoyed a spread of veggies and dip, homemade pizza on a wrap and tea while we chatted. After I got settled in, we left the house in search of slippers (for me–I scored a cute pair of TEAL Dearforms on clearance for $9 at DSW), hair spray (for both of us), an Ulta run and dinner.

After a quick Target stop, we decided we’d do dinner at Emily’s instead, so we grabbed some pita chips and spinach, too.

We got home and Emily whipped up some cold salmon salad, apples, cheese, crackers and veggies. We sipped wine while listening to Christmas music and talking.


I’ve been lazing here in bed for about an hour so now it is time to get up!

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