you know you’re addicted to granola when…

…you have multiple UNOPENED containers of it and you keep buying it.

Yes, I do.

These are all unopened.  Brand new.

BUT!  Before you judge, listen to me justify:

-the two bags on the left were from OpenSky and are a fundraiser for another blogger with cancer.  If I had cancer, I would want a nice stranger to buy granola to support me, too.

-the box in the front:  one of two I got for a steal at Wegmans shortly after we got here.  Granola is relatively pricey, and I was in a ‘quantity not quality’ kind of mood that day.

-the two boxes in the rear on either side:  Trader Joe’s finds from my trip in August.  Mango on the left (because I have an open jar of their mango butter with which I use to flavor plain yogurt, so it seemed like a nice pairing) and Ginger Almond on the right because, well, I love ginger and have never, EVER seen it in granola like this before.  Can’t wait to try it.

See?  Now doesn’t it all make sense?  Happy granola-eating to me 🙂

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