hello, stranger

It’s been awhile.

Well, not really that long.  What, a day or two?

Gosh, it feels like forever.  I don’t like not having time to blog.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to get used to it.  Or not do my schoolwork.  Or work on better time-management skills.  Or all of the above.  (Except for the not doing my schoolwork part.)

So, working on better time-management skills it is!  I still want to do all the things (and more!) that I used to, like working out, blogging, writing, cooking, reading, having some sort of social life…not to mention fixing-up whatever fixer-upper of a house we decide to buy…

…AND I still HAVE to do all the things I HAD to do before, like walking the dog and laundry.  And grocery shopping, but I LOVE grocery shopping.  It’s therapeutic.  So is cleaning.

I digress.

Bottom line: This girl is gonna be BUSY!  I just keep telling myself that if Pioneer Woman can homeschool four children, feed her family and myriad other people made-from-scratch food, manage her enormous “blogging empire,” write two books and two cookbooks AND have some semblance of sanity left, then I can SURELY handle a husband, a dog, and school.


Say a prayer for me, folks!

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