New Yorkers love their food

Andrew was remarking the other days about different foods that are unique to Buffalo.  My mouth started to water and I thought perhaps yours might start watering, too.

1.  WINGS.  Couldn’t start this list without that one.  They were invented at The Anchor Bar, but everyone has their own local favorite.  We love Pasquale’s and those from The Bar-Bill Tavern, in East Aurora.

2.  Beef on Weck.

3.  Mighty Taco.

4.  Sahlen’s hot dogs.  They are amazing and you can buy them in the grocery store.  Awesome.

5.  Ted’s Hot Dogs.  See above–Ted’s is a chain of hot dog stands and they serve Sahlen’s.  Even our hotel serves Sahlen’s on their hot dog night.  Really, hot dogs in general are all over the place.  Some call them “red hots” and there are chains and stands all over.  I don’t get it.

6.  Pizza.  Just like hot dogs–everywhere.  Unlike Ohio or Chicago, there isn’t a distinct “style” around here–no exceptionally thin or thick crusts or weird toppings.  People just really like their pizza.  We love Pasquale’s, (see Wings) hands down.

7.  Ice Cream.  It’s everywhere, and I mean, EVERYWHERE.  Andrew once told me he saw something on TV about how there are more ice cream shops/stores/stands in the Northeast than in the South (where it’s actually hot).  It’s so true.  New Englanders and Northeasterners love their ice cream!  (I realize ice cream is not unique to Buffalo, but it’s still EVERYWHERE.  I’m in heaven.)

8.  Sponge Candy.  It’s a little weird, but people here love it.  It’s kind of like a chocolate truffle, and on the inside is an airy, toffee-like flavored candy that dissolves almost immediately in your mouth.

9.  Schwabl’s.  They’ve been open forever and it has that ‘old-fashioned’ feel.  They’re famous for their beef on weck, but I didn’t think it was that special.  Apparently they serve Hungarian Goulash on Saturdays, so we’ll have to make sure to try that next.

…and the one thing we CAN’T find much of around here:  ETHNIC FOOD.  There are some places, and we’ve tried a couple different Thai establishments, but there just isn’t the variety that you can find in other places.  Sure, closer to Buffalo there are more choices, but trying to find ethnic food closer in East Aurora is pretty much impossible.  And no, I don’t count Chinese take-out as ‘ethnic.’


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