pineapples and mangoes…all the way from texas!

Someone in Texas loves me 🙂

My dear friend, Heather, sent me a little care package filled with all sorts of yummy things that remind her of me.  Actually, she had a CD she needed to mail to me, so she thought she’d include some goodies…except that she forgot to put the CD in there!  That is so Heather 🙂

It was a pineapple/mango-themed box with a few other goodies.  Can you believe she sent a two-liter of soda??  In a box.  From Texas.  Apparently it’s big down there.  Well, everything is big down there.

I’ve already tried the “Just Mango” bits in a cup of tea.  Neat!

Lemon Bars…ahh, this is a joke between Heather and myself that WILL. NEVER. GO. AWAY.  In a nutshell: in a rare moment of imperfection (ha!), I had to throw away a WHOLE BATCH of from-scratch lemon bars I’d made for her and my joint going-away party.  I just had to re-do them!  I thought I’d figured out what I’d done wrong, but after peeking in the oven at the second attempt, found that the same tragedy was about to occur!  Heather and I quickly grabbed the sheet pan and hurriedly started fixing the still-hot shortbread crust with our bare hands! The memory should sting, but it doesn’t, and I grew up on these Krusteaz-brand goodies (my mom was a fan).  So yes, I’ll give the box a try next time.

The note says, “My princess, you are purrfect.”  All I can think about when I see the cover of this card is Antonio Banderas’s voice as Puss in Boots from Shrek, saying that phrase in a sultry way to the white cat.  I love it.

Aww, she doesn’t want me to get sick!  I agree, the Emergen-C powder drink packets are awesome.  They come in all sorts of flavors now, but I used to have the orange and raspberry stashed away.

Yes, Heather does know me well.  I LOVE off-the-wall grains for cooking.  Hello amaranth and teff flours!

Boy, does she know me well!  What could be better than mango jam?  PINEAPPLE and mango jam!  I cannot wait to try this stuff…

Thank you, Heather, for all my goodies!  Give my love to Margaret and Silas–we miss all three of you so much!

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