Labor Day weekend fun

Before we worked our butts off prepping for our fence, we spent the weekend having tons of fun playing with our friends! 

Emily, Dan and Nora–our besties from Ohio–arrived Friday night, ready to party!

We started with takeaway tacos from Left Coast Taco, and walked over to the Nyes’ house to eat them, due to proximity and air conditioning.

Nora had requested to ‘make pizza, soup and bake bread’ during her weekend with us.  Unfortunately, the temps were high and without a/c I knew turning the oven on at our house would be a non-starter.  PLUS, Mr. Nye is an excellent bread-baker, and–as mentioned previously–they have air conditioning.

Saturday morning, after some playtime at the park across the street, we all walked over to get the bread started.

Mr. Nye was, unsurprisingly, a great teacher and I think Nora had a good time helping mix up the ingredients.  While the bread was in the oven, Emily and I headed to Main Street for a leisurely lunch at Rick’s and some shopping.

Our pets, Hadrian and Odie, were perhaps the biggest highlights for Nora.  She was constantly on the lookout for a furry friend to pet.  I think both our fur babies got more attention that weekend than they have in a long time!

Meanwhile, Andrew set up a tv outside and hooked up his childhood Super Nintendo game.  I’m shocked it still works, especially since there is a rattling sound coming from inside the game console when you move it.

We ate on our back patio one evening–a simple meal of grilled veggies and sausage, watermelon and salad.  I love using //” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>these melamine plates I got for eating outside!

The next day, we spent some time on Main Street at Vidler’s, where Nora got to ride the pony.  Later we returned for dinner at The Griffon Gastropub.  The Bahn Mi nachos are THE BEST.

To cap off the evening, we popped into Fowler’s Chocolates for some sponge candy and ice cream cones.

We were so glad the Wilhelms braved the heat and came to visit.  Next time, however, I’ve informed them they may not come before October, as I worry too much about possible heat waves!

*Note: This post contains affiliate links.

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