laboring on Labor Day (alternate title: the fence has begun!!!)

The day I’ve been waiting for has arrived!

Since we moved into the house SIX YEARS AGO, we’ve known we needed a new fence.  We have a dog = we need a functional fence.  Technically, we had a ‘fence,’ although neither side of it was actually ours, and one side was literally disintegrating before our very eyes.  Needless to say, it wasn’t keeping Hadrian in very well.

Along with the fence, I’ve been dreaming of all the landscaping I’ll do once it is finished.  The back split-rail/chicken-wire fence we had was simply functioning as a trellis for weeds to grow INTO the yard.  I hate weeds and I’ve already gotten poison ivy from the yard once; I believe the best defense is a good offense.  I’m gonna till, Round-Up, landscape fabric, Preen and mulch the perimeter within an inch of its life.

Below is a good ‘before’ picture of the decaying fence and ‘wilderness’ we have behind the yard, and that was AFTER we spent all day Monday clearing the back fence-line of debris and weeds.  Andrew and his father strung twine to mark the fence-line and where all our post holes needed to be dug.

Here’s another couple shots of all the clearing we did on Monday:

Boy, did we ever labor on Labor Day!  We took out about 12 wheelbarrows worth of weeds, old cut grass and branches.  I dragged countless loads of branches to the curb to be chipped, and our neighbor plans to burn some of the old fencing this fall in his firepit.  I also had to dig up some plants I wanted to keep that were along the fence-line.

Bright and early Tuesday morning, Bill (of Bill’s Post Hole Digging Service) showed up to dig our post holes.  He came a few years ago to dig the holes for the foundation of the new deck, our pergola and the white cedar fence we finished last year.  For a great ‘before’ picture and progress photos, see our ‘we’re halfway there!’ post.

It’s currently Thursday morning, our holes are dug and our twine is set to make sure our fence goes in level.  We’ll be working today, tomorrow and Saturday, likely into the wee hours if I know us.  Andrew leaves Sunday for a work trip, so the fence must be done by then!  Fingers and toes are crossed!

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