birthday trip to Chagrin

Emily and I made it back to Chagrin Falls for another getaway this past weekend to celebrate our birthdays (both of which are May 27)!

Emily and I have been escaping to Chagrin Falls, OH for the last five years or so, certainly before I got pregnant, as I dreamed up my tattoo while we were there! I think our first trip was back in 2017?

This year, we sprung (sprang?) for an extra-large room with a spa bath…and it was worth it! We have come to ADORE the Inn of Chagrin Falls, and they recently underwent an extensive renovation by designer Christian Siriano (wouldn’t you know his season–4–was the ONLY season of Project Runway I ever watched?!). It was SO FUN to stay in the ‘Siriano Suite’ and enjoy something extra nice.

Ha! Can you believe that’s me? I must have been feeling especially goofy to pose for this photo. Maybe it’s because I’ve been begging Andrew to replace our TWENTY-FIVE YEAR OLD jacuzzi tub (mold in the jets = gross) for the last ten years!

Anyway, we arrived in time for lunch on Saturday, and ended up sharing chicken and waffles with cocktails at 17 River Grille before popping into all the cute boutiques. We love all the little shops and were so fortunate to have a beautiful day–not a cloud in the sky! We’d forgotten to make dinner reservations until the week prior, so we had two: a 4:30 and a 9 pm. We ended up keeping the early one and enjoying happy hour drinks and appetizers at M Italian, before taking our usual walk at Frohring Meadows. (Thankfully, it didn’t downpour on us this time like it did last year!)

After enjoying cheese, crackers and wine in the comfy chairs in our room, we each took turns in the soaker tub before bed.

The following morning, we grabbed coffees at Heartwood, our favorite place to grab a cup of coffee while we’re in Chagrin. Emily got the Tiki iced coffee, which featured pineapple juice, and was delicious. (We both enjoyed them the day before!) I never get lattes with art on top, so that felt special.

After some more walking around and a quick lunch, we said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways.

Meanwhile, Maelle was DEFINITELY living her best life, basically playing nonstop with friends and eating ice cream for more than one meal. (While the cat’s away the mice will play, yes?)

scooters at Frankie’s house!
ice cream for lunch at Rosie’s!

I was thankful to be included in some of the fun after I got home; we met up with some dear friends for dinner at the Bar Bill here in town and it was EVERYTHING. Good food, good company, good weather…

Andrew and Gillian have been friends since high school (probably before that, really), and after we reconnected at his high school reunion last year, our families have been (almost) inseparable. She and I really hit it off, and our families have a lot in common.

It’s been such a delight to have good friends–whose kids are similar ages–just a few blocks away. Maelle has fallen in love with their kiddos and talks about them regularly at home. The three of them play so well together; their daughter is a ‘little mama’ who loves to dote on Maelle, and their son–who is just one year older than Maelle–adds so much personality to the mix.

Happy Summer!

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