Miss Maelle goes to the Dentist

We hit another milestone this week–Maelle’s first dentist appointment!

I can’t say I was overly concerned, but I also knew this was the kind of experience that could go south pretty quickly. (And per our hygienist, Kerri, they often do!)

Thankfully, after some initial nervousness, Maelle settled in and allowed Kerri to do a full cleaning. Kerri explained everything she was about to do and what each tool is used for. She even gave Maelle some cool shades to wear during the appointment!

After her cleaning, the dentist came in to take a peek as well, and Maelle got to take home lots of new treasures, like a Peppa Pig toothbrush, some flossers, and even a new stuffy. She waved goodbye and said she’d see everyone again in six months.

Kerri and the team at Aurora Dental Care have been seeing Andrew and his family for many years, so it was special to bring Maelle there, too. Once she was finished, it was my turn in the chair–no cavities for me, but I can’t say my appointment was as fun as hers!

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