a busy Memorial Day weekend

We may have had the busiest four days EVER this past weekend. My birthday (39!), the Buffalo Half Marathon and the Memorial Day holiday…plus a handful of social events kept us on the go from sun up to sun down each day!

Andrew had both Friday and Monday off, which was so nice. We started my birthday with a slow morning at home, and then a quick breakfast at Taste before I headed to a pedicure appointment. I enjoyed every minute of it, plus a little solo shopping afterward. We had an impromptu lunch date at Left Coast Taco, with our friend, Holly, ( a stroller mama) and her daughter, Penny. Maelle enjoyed her pineapple soda!

That evening, when Gram and Grandpa came over to babysit, we had a little birthday celebration before Andrew and I headed out on our date. We hit Rick’s for appetizers, and then walked next door to see the new Top Gun movie on opening night. SO FUN.

The next morning, we’d arranged to watch our friends’ kids so they could go on a little date. We took them on a walk to see the little gnome house on our street. The kiddos brought M&Ms to leave at his door!

Later that afternoon, we attended the pool party at one of Andrew’s co-worker’s houses. Maelle loved the heated pool and I bumped into another YMCA employee I knew when I worked there.

Sunday morning dawned VERY early for me–4:45 am–and I headed downtown for the Buffalo Half Marathon. The ‘stroller mamas’ and I had been training all spring for this, and we were thankful race day wasn’t rainy or too hot. Unfortunately, Holly and I (we drove together) never connected with the other gals at the start line (!!!), two of the girls were dealing with injuries, and another sped ahead, so it wasn’t quite the ‘group’ experience I’d anticipated. However, as luck would have it, I was able to find one of them along the course and we stuck together until the end. Thankfully, about two miles from the finish line, we were all able to see each other on an out-and-back section, and all was right with the world again. We met up at the finish as if we’d run the entire race together!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….Maelle was living her best life, riding her balance bike all the way to the Nyes’ house…wearing a mouse hat.

She had donuts for breakfast, followed by ice cream. No wonder she loves her daddy!

That evening, one of the stroller mamas threw a post-race party for us (and our families) at their house to celebrate the race (obviously) and three of our birthdays! Half the stroller gang have birthdays at the end of May!

The following morning was Memorial Day, and we joined some friends for the parade and ceremony at the cemetery. This is the first year we’ve actually participated; I can recall MANY a year in which I’m, racing off to Tops or Lowe’s for party supplies, only to see the ceremony in progress and realize we’d missed it yet again. Not this year!

After the ceremony, we walked to the Legion for the chicken barbecue lunch with the kids. I’ve really enjoyed making more appearances there, but haven’t yet found my niche. Perhaps that’s a goal for the fall, when I (theoretically) have more time with Maelle in preschool.

As usual, we hosted a Memorial Day party at our house, with some friends, the Nyes and Andrew’s parents. Andrew almost put the kibosh on a party this year (saying we were too busy), but I couldn’t let that happen. What’s Memorial Day without a party?! I simply made sure I got my plants in pots, bought food and went ahead and extended a few invites, and he had tons of fun. So did the kiddos, apparently!

And we snapped a photo of the adults for posterity.

It was a busy, busy weekend and you can bet my feet were pretty sore once I sat down after our party. Speaking of parties…July 3 is just around the corner!

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