Memorial Day with littles

We hadn’t planned to do anything special for Memorial Day this year, but when the weather report looked good and with our patio open for business, we went for it. We invited just a few families, all with young kiddos, and kept it casual. Everyone brought something to share, we grilled and the kids had a blast in the backyard.

It was a warm afternoon, so the kids started playing in the water table and baby pool while the adults enjoyed a little time chatting.

At some point, the mommas realized we’d need to ‘close’ the water activities before getting the kids dressed to eat dinner!

We chose a German-food theme, which I felt was a bit ironic for Memorial Day, but it was delicious. Andrew made a special trip to Spar’s European Sausage Shop in Buffalo and came back with half a dozen different flavors. We even whipped up some spaetzle!

One friend brought a german-style potato salad, another brought a small keg of kolsch-style beer, and it wouldn’t be a summer party without a watermelon.

After dinner, the kids played hide-and-seek in the backyard. At least they tried to; I think only one of them was really old enough to fully understand the game! It was so cute watching the younger ones, especially Maelle and Maya, try to find hiding spots! If you look closely, in the VERY zoomed-in photo below, you can see Maelle and Maya crouching down in the very back corner of the landscaping…I can’t believe they stayed there long enough to be found! And quiet!

How did you spend your Memorial Day?

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