boy oh boy

Maelle and I flew to my parents’ house last week for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. We were supposed to drive, but when Andrew had some last-minute work meetings come up, we decided I should take advantage of my mom’s passes and fly Space-A. Once the decision was made, Andrew packed up the gifts and shipped them while I got to packing as lightly as possible…I knew I’d only have two hands to get myself, my baby, a stroller, a suitcase, a diaper bag AND a carseat through the airport!

Thankfully, Maelle is a great traveler and slept the entire way to DC! We only had one snafu; we left her adorable little backpack in the car after Andrew dropped us off at the airport and daddy had to turn around and bring it to us!

Both Friday and Saturday were taken up with baby shower prep. Once the other houseguests arrived, many hands made light work and the veggies were cut and balloons were blown up in a flash.

My parents’ new patio served as a beautiful backdrop for the shower, and while it was pretty warm, guests seemed to mill around both inside and out.

My dad spent all spring landscaping above the retaining wall and it’s really beautiful. Honestly, it’s just what I would have done. He even has a ‘nursery’ area beyond the beds where he keeps plants that don’t have homes yet, as well as his compost piles. I love this new hobby of his, and I enjoyed talking plants with him!

Hannah’s shower went off without a hitch, and while we DID coordinate our nails, we didn’t plan our outfits! We just happened to all be in navy and teal…

Perhaps the best part of the weekend was getting to see our DEAREST childhood friends, the Lozada family!

When we lived in Pennsylvania and I was in elementary school, my sister and Sheena (rear of photo) became friends at school and also attended Pioneer Girls together at a local church. Her mom, Miss Denise, and my mom became fast friends (my dad likes to say he got them together when he offered to drive Sheena to church for the weekly meetings) and they’ve been friends ever since. I have many fond memories of sleeping over at their house and playdates. Miss Denise was, in essence, a second mom to us. Her two daughters, Sheena and Alicia (front of photo, holding the baby), both now have families of their own. It was such a treat to see them again after so many years.

On Monday, the house was empty and the sun was out, so we went on the boat with Mom and Dad. Maelle had a blast playing in the sand at Shark Tooth Beach. Mom always outdoes herself packing our lunch, and we enjoyed a couple hours on the water together.

I grew up vacationing at beaches (or living near them), and enjoying my grandfather’s boat for years as a kid. Andrew also vacationed at a lake every summer growing up, and we’re starting that tradition with his family now, too. I absolutely love the water, and I hope my daughter gets to experience both lakes and the ocean as much as possible.

Maelle and I headed home the following day, and my trek from security to our gate at Dulles airport has given me a new appreciation for those who are in wheelchairs. With the stroller AND my suitcase and carseat, I must have taken no fewer than TEN elevators just to get to our gate! I think it took us at least 30 minutes of travel time, and that was in an empty airport. Thank goodness we were early.

We landed in Buffalo and our sweet papa met us–with flowers–in the airport. After all the travel, and family, and single-parenting (yes, I did have help–my mom would do nothing BUT take care of Maelle if she could), I was so glad to see my beloved.

I feel like life has been a whirlwind of playing catch-up and addressing to-do lists since we returned…and we are *this close* to feeling like the outdoor space is FINISHED for the summer (patio clean, deck oiled, landscaping mulched). Bring on summer!

One thought on “boy oh boy

  1. The entire extended weekend was a success! Even with a full house and only tow showers available, all my anxiety about how things would go was laid to rest! Thanks Holly, Denise, Sheena, Alicia, Hannah and Rich for all the hard work to make Hannah and Josh’s baby shower memorable!

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