boating at Uncle Al’s

We go to ‘Uncle’ Al’s (he’s the uncle of a friend of Andrew’s from work) one day each summer in August to enjoy boating and relaxing on Cranberry Pond, which is–literally–a stone’s throw from Lake Ontario. When we started, there were no kids, and some of the couples weren’t even married yet. We were carefree and only worried about how many times we’d gotten to tube or water ski. Now, the littles outnumber the adults easily and it’s all arms, legs and lifejackets all over the place.

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boy oh boy

Maelle and I flew to my parents’ house last week for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. We were supposed to drive, but when Andrew had some last-minute work meetings come up, we decided I should take advantage of my mom’s passes and fly Space-A. Once the decision was made, Andrew packed up the gifts and shipped them while I got to packing as lightly as possible…I knew I’d only have two hands to get myself, my baby, a stroller, a suitcase, a diaper bag AND a carseat through the airport!

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summer vacation 2020

I don’t think a vacation has ever felt more like an escape from reality than ours did this summer.  OK, perhaps I should take that back.  Our month-long European trips of yesteryear certainly felt like an escape, but I’m not sure we ever NEEDED an escape as much as we did this time.
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