epic backyard landscaping project: FINISHED!

For this year, anyway.  (Next summer, I’ll add in all the perennials, and maybe even some annuals, too.) Continue reading “epic backyard landscaping project: FINISHED!”

epic backyard landscaping project: progress report

The rain and my schedule has stalled my progress these last few days, and I’m feeling SO READY to get back in the dirt! Continue reading “epic backyard landscaping project: progress report”

epic backyard landscaping project: the TILLING

DUN DUN DUNNNNN. (Insert dramatic theme music here.)

This is the part of the project that keeps me up at night.  Literally–I haven’t slept well in almost a week!  Andrew’s dad has a beast of a tiller that is older than dirt, heavier than crap and covered in rust.  I’ve used it before, so I knew tilling up this much surface area with it would be quite the undertaking.   Continue reading “epic backyard landscaping project: the TILLING”