living mindfully (or THP: Chapter Ten)

(This is part ten in a series about The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  To start at the beginning, click here. )

In the month of October, Gretchen attempted to be more mindful on a daily basis.  We could all benefit from paying more attention, I suspect, whether it’s while driving, eating or simply listening to another person. Continue reading “living mindfully (or THP: Chapter Ten)”

The MIND Diet

The fifth installment of the series on eating patterns is about the MIND Diet. Last month, we explored the Macrobiotic Diet and discussed its holistic approach and strong reliance on plant foods, with some fish, nuts and seeds. Ranked #4 (tied with Weight Watchers) out of 41 total diets in the U.S News Best Diet Rankings, the MIND Diet is similar to the Mediterranean and DASH Diets, but focuses on foods that improve brain health and cognition. Continue reading “The MIND Diet”