Pregnancy: Showering Baby, Part 2

Baby Layer sure is a blessed little girl!  She’s had a couple more parties to attend before her big debut.

Here in New York, my good friend, Stacy, offered to host my baby shower LONG before I was even pregnant! I admired her unfailing hope, and looked forward to the day we’d have something to celebrate.  That day turned out to be the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, and she’d finished RE-finishing her floors in the nick of time.

Stacy, along with my other friends Sara and Wendy, asked me to give them some ideas for the shower via a Pinterest board.  Much like baby girl’s room, I chose a bright, rainbow-inspired color palette.

The food was the perfect mix of sweet and savory, including rainbow-colored fruit kebabs, pasta salad and plenty of cookies.  Stacy’s teenage daughter, Maya, even made my cake!  She toiled all week beforehand, coloring and rolling out fondant for the polka dots, and baking layer after layer.  She’s a hard-working gal, and I was so impressed with both the appearance and flavor of the cake.  Not only did it LOOK good, it TASTED good, too!

We all gathered for a group shot before Maya (pictured next to me in a gray sweatshirt, below) and I cut the cake.  Attendees included local friends and family (including Abigail and baby Nora from Philly), gals from running group, a few of their kiddos, and my mom and Hannah from Virginia.

The following day, Mrs. Nye hosted a small get-together brunch at her house for family.  After the big shower the day before, it was a nice chance to talk to each other.  In fact, I don’t think I said more than a couple words to my mom and Hannah during the entire event!  Just goes to show how hard it is to visit with everyone when you’re the guest of honor.

Mrs. Nye requested a ‘back to the future’ theme for her party, and guests brought small gifts that either they, or Andrew or I, liked as children.  For example, my mom brought my old riding crop and a Breyer horse, as well as some of my dress-up clothes.  Andrew’s sisters both included photos of either themselves (Abigail in her Barbie house) or Andrew (with his glow worm) with their gifts, a Barbie and a modern-day glow worm toy, respectively.  Andrew’s Aunt Linda sent a child’s swing with a note about how her daughter loved to swing as a kid.

I think my favorite part of the brunch was reading Dave Barry’s ‘If She Had a Hammer…’ column from February 2000, recounting his experience taking a childbirth class with his wife.  As we all read our copies of the article, we each began to snicker and laugh at his story.

Lastly, the EA Runners threw a little bash for not only Baby Layer, but also Baby Murphy, after run group recently.  Nicole is only a month behind me, and is also having a girl!  There were plenty of cookies, some gifts and lots to celebrate.  Our running group has exploded with kiddos in the last couple years, and both Nicole and I are excited to join the #strollersquad with our own babies in a few months!

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