long time, no see

Or: three months, no see. Which, in our case, is about the time we start to get antsy and need to see each other.  

Emily and I were having trouble finding a weekend this summer to meet in the middle (Chagrin Fall, OH), so I bit the bullet and drove all the way to her.  I have a more flexible schedule and–most importantly–no need to arrange for childcare at this point.  So, the first weekend of July found me engrossed in a book on tape and heading down the 90 toward Ohio.

We did our usual: worked out at her gym (which I love!), stopped at Whole Foods and went on our Sugar Creek hike.  I think it might be my favorite activity when I visit, as we get some exercise, fresh air and do lots of talking.

Emily and I also got dressed up one night and went out to dinner, which was super fun.  I took a trip down memory lane–we chose Bravo, and Italian place at The Greene, an outdoor mall there.  Andrew and I went to Bravo many times when we lived there; it was probably where our ‘Layer dinners’ (long, drawn out meals) started.  Emily and I got salads and split the lasagna–delish and just enough!

We also watched Midnight in Paris, which was really fun for me.  I recognized some of the city and enjoyed sharing my knowledge of 1920s Paris and its famous writers, artists and painters, like F. Scott Fitzgerald , Gertrude Stein, Picasso and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.

We capped off my visit with a visit to both Emily and Dan’s parents’ houses, one for a pool and another for a quick visit.  I loved having so much time (Friday-Monday) to visit.  I’ll see her again soon; the Wilhelms are coming to NY for Labor Day weekend!




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