2nd Annual Run 716

Also known as, ‘the best summer race in Buffalo.’  

Last year, a bunch of friends and I did it, and we were hooked immediately.  I ran a fast race (1:13) for 9.3 miles (my Garmin said 9.4). I was marathon training and in great shape.

This year, a group of us carpooled into the city together just as the sun was coming up.  Start time was 7:16 am.  Good thing, because it got hot REALLY QUICKLY.  The cool temps we felt upon arrival started rising and by the time the gun went off, it was already warm.

(Missing from the photo: Sean and Sara, Debbie–who got 1st female Master!–and Eileen, likely the #1 race participant in all of Western New York! I don’t think I missed anyone…)

This year, I’m not really training for anything (technically a triathlon, but I’m not doing any speed work), and I’ve been busy/traveling, so I haven’t run more than about twice a week in awhile.  On the upside, I’ve been biking, hiking, swimming and even kayaking lately, so my activity level is still high.

I went into this race with no time expectations; I simply wanted a comfortable run as if I were chugging around the village with my friends for our usual Sunday morning run.  I traded 8:05 miles (from last year) for 8:25-8:30 miles, listened to my latest book on tape  and actually took in the scenery while running, too!  The course is basically in the city (which means a decent amount of shade), but I was able to see the new medical corridor as well as run along the water, despite the full sun there.  I slowed to 9-minute miles for the last two before crossing the finish at 1:20:50 per my Garmin, again at 9.4 miles.  I got 6th place in my age group–not bad for taking it easy!

I might have been slower than last year, but it was definitely a better run than my half-marathon earlier this summer!  The race starts and ends at Flying Bison Brewery, and they sure know how to throw a party!  After a couple beers and a hot dog, I felt refueled and ready for a nap…from which I recently woke up.  I’m not a napper by any stretch, but I get sleep anxiety before races/waking early and last night I only clocked 4 hours of sleep.  I needed it!)

I don’t have a fall race on the calendar…yet.  Stay tuned for my triathlon debut!

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