sleepin’ over

This post is the definition of #latergram.  It happened, I loaded up some photos, and then I left for Hawaii and never picked it back up.

Back in July, we had our nephew, Blake, sleep over on a Friday night.  He’s 4 1/2, adores his Uncle Andrew, and his Gram and Grandpa (Andrew’s parents) needed a break from watching him while his mom was laid-up after having some minor surgery.  Plus, they show movies in the park across the street on Fridays in July and August, so it was the perfect night to do it.

We started the night with veggies and water while we waited for our pizza.

After dinner, we packed up some blankets and found the chairs Andrew had set up for us at the park.  Our feature film was ‘Coco.’

Blake didn’t make it through the entire movie, and by the time we packed it all up and got home, it was already well after his bedtime.  I read books (my favorite thing to do with kids), including a childhood favorite, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

The next morning, Blake and I ate outside on the deck.  He made ‘mushrooms’ out of his strawberries and carrots!

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