i feel smart, and other things of note

So… Today in Chemistry, we tackled this equation:

E = mc^2

Like, as in the one Einstein came up with all that time ago.  It has to do with energy, mass of nucleons (neutrons and protons) and the speed of light.

Can I just say that five years ago, I would NEVER have guessed I’d be where I am right now?  In so many ways…

In other news…

1. Andrew comes home this afternoon!  I feel all giddy inside… I guess absence DOES make the heart grow fonder 🙂

(Psst!  I’m making bagels as a surprise for his return… Since he doesn’t have a smart phone, there is no way he can see this before he actually arrives home, so I thought I’d share–in a whisper voice–to add to the suspense.)

2.  I have confirmed that I am OFFICIALLY finished with Microbiology, with A’s in both lecture and lab.  Thus, I’ll be making bagels this afternoon when I would have normally been in lab.

3.  It’s my birthday month!  WOO-HOO!  Birthday list is being made and tweaked as I speak…  (That’s how Andrew’s family does it; they practically DEMAND a list two months in advance, and hound you if you don’t provide one soon enough.  I. LOVE. IT.)

On the list this year: a pair of Crocs, better, non-warping baking sheets and other miscellaneous clothing items.  (If you’re reading this and need “the list,” Andrew can provide it to you :))

4.  Emily’s birthday is the same day as mine.  God really knew what he was doing when he arranged our chance meet-up at a friend-of-a-friend’s bbq, in which Emily and her hubby were attending as friends-of-a-mother…

5.  Pineapple boxers!

Andrew and I found these at Gap a couple weeks ago.  It wasn’t even a discussion; I held onto those things for dear life.  I mean, how could we NOT buy them?  They have been washed and are currently in my jammie drawer, waiting for warm weather.

6.  Andrew ate a 30-ounce steak last night at his final dinner in Texas, at some super-snazzy restaurant, I’m sure.  Thirty ounces.  THIRTY.  People, 16 ounces is a POUND.  He’s already requested salads for the forseeable future…

7.  While I’m super excited for Andrew to come home, I don’t know that I’m ready to give up the clean, quiet, organized and peaceful house/routine I’ve enjoyed for the past week…

8.  Here’s a good one:  To those who continue to ask about whether or not we’ve found a house:  Yes, we’re still house-hunting.  We will continue to house-hunt until we find one.  New houses are coming up on the market now that it’s spring, but it’s been a little slow.  (No, I’m not upset, but I’ll admit that the question, “So, are you still house-hunting?” gets old.  We’re in a tiny rental with gross carpet, no yard and no dishwasher–OF COURSE WE’RE STILL HOUSE-HUNTING.)

9.  Speaking of houses, we’re seeing a fixer-upper tomorrow night, and one popped up just today that piqued my interest. A LOT.  Prayers please!!

10.  Cinco de Mayo is this weekend 🙂  Margaritas, anyone?

2 thoughts on “i feel smart, and other things of note

  1. I love that it is our birth month Holly! I have been plotting and planning gift ideas! I would definately have a margarita with you this weekend, so I will have one in my mind for us! Love you girl!

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