run much?

After my post this morning about running outside, I thought I’d throw this one (which has been sitting in my queue) up next.

I started a new pair of running shoes today.  (The pink and black ones, below.)


From left: green and gray, dated 4 July (2011), gray and light teal, Jan (2012) and the current pinks ones, Feb (2013.)  Above are my trail-runners, outfitted with YakTrax.

I haven’t been running as much (sad), so my pair from last year ended up lasting the whole year.  Good for our bank account, bad for me.  Resolution #8 (or am I on 9?): run more this semester.

(So far this week, I’ve run a whopping THREE times, so I’m off to a good start!)

back to school

Or, “where in the world is my summer going?!”

Seriously!  I just spent ALL DAY yesterday on campus for orientation… I’m not ready for school to start again!  Excited, but not ready.  (And what about the gazillion things I still need to do before it starts in the fall… Like MOVING?)

On the up side, the orientation I thought was totally unnecessary (well, it kinda was–for me, at least–since I’m completely scheduled for fall and totally on top of things.  what else is new?) actually had some benefits:  got my ID and bus pass, met some of the military and veterans’ affairs reps (who may come in handy in the future) and got more familiar with the campus.

The biggest thing I got accomplished yesterday: taking care of some of my “Intellectual Foundations” transfer classes.  Basically, despite taking a whole gamut of gen ed’s at Penn State, Buff State’s IF requirements are a little different, so they are wanting me to take additional classes to fulfill them.  Like, for example, WRITING.  They wanted me to take THREE ADDITIONAL WRITING CLASSES.  Like, BASIC WRITING.  I almost lost it when I saw that.

So, I’ve called around and filled out some papers and think I’ll be able to get most of the classes taken care of, either using classes I took at Penn State (some don’t transfer in as exact matches to classes at BSC, so Admissions doesn’t code them correctly…) or by filing a petition to get a requirement waived, which I was actually advised to do by two different professors.

In a nutshell, I walked ALL OVER CAMPUS (in my new Clarks, no less, which performed beautifully) to myriad different departments (praise God everyone was actually IN their offices!) getting people to sign my forms.  I got about half of the classes checked off yesterday, or at least left the papers with the appropriate office, and have a plan of action for the others.  My goal is to not have to take any non-major requirement classes, but if I absolutely have to take one or two, oh well.  I mean, they want me to take LIB 100–it teaches you how to do research and use the library!  Come on, folks!

Wish me luck with the classes–everyone I’ve talked to has intimated that it will be next to impossible to get everything checked-off, although I feel like I had a good response from everyone yesterday.  I do think it’s sad that BSC seems to have a difficult reputation for something like that.  I mean, it’s not like I’m trying to get some community college credits to transfer into Harvard or something!

At least the campus was small (to me, at least)…  The ladies at Admissions were amazed I made it to so many departments in so little time!  Guess I got a lot of practice trekking all over Penn State…

And speaking of Penn State–I’ll be there for dinner tonight! CAN. NOT. WAIT.


i feel smart, and other things of note

So… Today in Chemistry, we tackled this equation:

E = mc^2

Like, as in the one Einstein came up with all that time ago.  It has to do with energy, mass of nucleons (neutrons and protons) and the speed of light.

Can I just say that five years ago, I would NEVER have guessed I’d be where I am right now?  In so many ways…

In other news…

1. Andrew comes home this afternoon!  I feel all giddy inside… I guess absence DOES make the heart grow fonder 🙂

(Psst!  I’m making bagels as a surprise for his return… Since he doesn’t have a smart phone, there is no way he can see this before he actually arrives home, so I thought I’d share–in a whisper voice–to add to the suspense.)

2.  I have confirmed that I am OFFICIALLY finished with Microbiology, with A’s in both lecture and lab.  Thus, I’ll be making bagels this afternoon when I would have normally been in lab.

3.  It’s my birthday month!  WOO-HOO!  Birthday list is being made and tweaked as I speak…  (That’s how Andrew’s family does it; they practically DEMAND a list two months in advance, and hound you if you don’t provide one soon enough.  I. LOVE. IT.)

On the list this year: a pair of Crocs, better, non-warping baking sheets and other miscellaneous clothing items.  (If you’re reading this and need “the list,” Andrew can provide it to you :))

4.  Emily’s birthday is the same day as mine.  God really knew what he was doing when he arranged our chance meet-up at a friend-of-a-friend’s bbq, in which Emily and her hubby were attending as friends-of-a-mother…

5.  Pineapple boxers!

Andrew and I found these at Gap a couple weeks ago.  It wasn’t even a discussion; I held onto those things for dear life.  I mean, how could we NOT buy them?  They have been washed and are currently in my jammie drawer, waiting for warm weather.

6.  Andrew ate a 30-ounce steak last night at his final dinner in Texas, at some super-snazzy restaurant, I’m sure.  Thirty ounces.  THIRTY.  People, 16 ounces is a POUND.  He’s already requested salads for the forseeable future…

7.  While I’m super excited for Andrew to come home, I don’t know that I’m ready to give up the clean, quiet, organized and peaceful house/routine I’ve enjoyed for the past week…

8.  Here’s a good one:  To those who continue to ask about whether or not we’ve found a house:  Yes, we’re still house-hunting.  We will continue to house-hunt until we find one.  New houses are coming up on the market now that it’s spring, but it’s been a little slow.  (No, I’m not upset, but I’ll admit that the question, “So, are you still house-hunting?” gets old.  We’re in a tiny rental with gross carpet, no yard and no dishwasher–OF COURSE WE’RE STILL HOUSE-HUNTING.)

9.  Speaking of houses, we’re seeing a fixer-upper tomorrow night, and one popped up just today that piqued my interest. A LOT.  Prayers please!!

10.  Cinco de Mayo is this weekend 🙂  Margaritas, anyone?