two down

Because it’s bloody hot here today…

And because I’m finished with TWO of my three classes now…

…I thought a little treat was in order.


Actually, I had every intention of having an iced coffee this afternoon since I didn’t bring one to class. I stopped at Orchard Perk on the way home and got a cup of already-chilled joe, and picked up one of their teeny-tiny 25-cent cookies. Nutella flavor-yum! And just one.

I am having a bit of a personal dilemma though; I don’t have to take the stats final, which is why I said I was finished with two of my classes earlier. I have a 99% in the class, and the final is worth an amount that would allow me to keep an A without taking it. And since ECC doesn’t do A+’s, a 99% is the same as a 90% in terms of one’s GPA. All this to say, it’s killing me to know my average in stats will drop from a 99 to a 90.6 by not taking the final, but I’m so ready to be done. And I already have an A. And let’s not forget about Chemistry…

What is an overachiever to do???

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