day in review

1.  I’m eating muesli with a banana for dinner.  In fact, I decided this morning to have a ‘detox’ day after I pretty much ate my weight in chocolate/Easter candy/snack foods yesterday, all before going out to dinner, where I ingested two beers, a friend bacon strip (I kid you not), a few onion rings, most of my cheeseburger and all of my fries.  With ranch dressing.  So yeah, a light day was in order.  Actually, from the time I woke up this morning, it was like my body was telling me it wanted ‘real’ food, and my head actually agreed with it!  I’ve pretty much had fruit, vegetables, a cereal bar and peanut butter only, and with any luck, end my day with a cup of tea.

2.  I blame yesterday’s sweet-tooth-gone-out-of-control on many things: boredom, nervous energy about my upcoming tests, and the presence of Easter candy.

3.  While running this morning, it started to hail.  Hail, no matter how small, still stings one’s face.

4.  I took my Micro test this morning and felt pretty good.  I ended up with a 90%, which gives me a solid A in the class for the semester.  In fact, the teacher already has it in her book.  As she drops two of the six tests, I’m technically ‘done’ for the semester.  I can now sit back, relax, and actually enjoy her lectures.  (I will, in all likelihood, complete the take-home test in the hopes of dropping my lowest grade, but at least it’s a take-home.)

5.  In addition to the above good news, I also found out that I can complete the last three Micro labs AT HOME using the internet (same teacher).  So, basically, if I can manage to complete them all before next Wednesday, I can turn them all in and never go to lab again.  My life just got a whole lot easier.

6.  Which is a good thing, since test number 2 today was my Chem quiz, which I bombed.  Well, a 72% isn’t exactly bombing it, but I wasn’t happy.  I really thought I knew the stuff!  I’ve decided I have test-anxiety when it comes to that subject…MUST. STUDY. HARDER.

7.  Test number 3 this week is Stats, which is tomorrow afternoon.  I actually feel pretty good about that one.  Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

8.  The cat left a hairball on our bed this afternoon.  Fantastic.

9.  We still haven’t filed our taxes yet.  We’re definitely “April 15th” people.  Well, I shouldn’t really say “we.” Andrew does about 99.9% of it, so I guess he’s the procrastinator, but since I don’t really lift a finger to help, I can’t fault him too much.

10.  I’m ending my day with session 2 of my Made to Crave Bible study lesson on DVD, with some toenail-painting and some more studying.

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