all used up

Remember when I used up all my ink in a matter of weeks last semester??

After numerous calculations, I’ve worn all my erasers down to the end, which necessitates one of two things:

1. Buy more pencils.

2. Raid Andrew’s stash of giant, adjustable eraser “thing-a-ma-jigs” from college.

(While I wouldn’t normally be so hesitant to update my pencil collection, I happen to LIKE all my pencils and don’t feel like spending the money on new ones.)


…I’ve now stocked my backpack and both pencil cups with these giant things.  And I used to think they were only for engineers.  I’ve gone to the dark side.

Now, as long as I don’t start using his fancy-schmancy metal “engineer” mechanical pencils (he has about a gazillion, seriously), I think I’ll be OK…

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