i had an idea…

…and it was a yummy one!

A couple days ago, as I was packing Andrew’s lunch (yes, just one of the gazillion things I said I’d never do) all I had left in the bottom of the Julio’s chips bag was a bunch of crumbs.

And immediately, I thought of a mexican breakfast/egg dish kind of thing.  Why?  No idea.

I held onto the bag of crumbs and finally made my concoction this morning, sauteeing onion and red bell pepper with the eggs, and added leftover chorizo (score!), some salsa, avocado, green onion and monterey jack cheese.  All this atop Julio’s seasoned chips.  Just delightful.

I kept it light be serving just these on the side:

Strawberries and half an orange.  Just delightful 🙂

Happy Wednesday afternoon!  I’m making some King Arthur Flour’s Banana Chocolate Chip Squares (another blogger was nice enough to type up the recipe) to bring to the co-op‘s first annual meeting (!!!!) tomorrow night, and will be continuing The Hunger Games.

Oh, and do any of you like radishes?  I admit I’m not a huge fan, but after writing my latest ‘Eat This’ column for the co-op’s blog, I think I might give them another try.

Does life get better than an afternoon of baking and reading, all after having had a great workout and painting my toes?

day in review

1.  I’m eating muesli with a banana for dinner.  In fact, I decided this morning to have a ‘detox’ day after I pretty much ate my weight in chocolate/Easter candy/snack foods yesterday, all before going out to dinner, where I ingested two beers, a friend bacon strip (I kid you not), a few onion rings, most of my cheeseburger and all of my fries.  With ranch dressing.  So yeah, a light day was in order.  Actually, from the time I woke up this morning, it was like my body was telling me it wanted ‘real’ food, and my head actually agreed with it!  I’ve pretty much had fruit, vegetables, a cereal bar and peanut butter only, and with any luck, end my day with a cup of tea.

2.  I blame yesterday’s sweet-tooth-gone-out-of-control on many things: boredom, nervous energy about my upcoming tests, and the presence of Easter candy.

3.  While running this morning, it started to hail.  Hail, no matter how small, still stings one’s face.

4.  I took my Micro test this morning and felt pretty good.  I ended up with a 90%, which gives me a solid A in the class for the semester.  In fact, the teacher already has it in her book.  As she drops two of the six tests, I’m technically ‘done’ for the semester.  I can now sit back, relax, and actually enjoy her lectures.  (I will, in all likelihood, complete the take-home test in the hopes of dropping my lowest grade, but at least it’s a take-home.)

5.  In addition to the above good news, I also found out that I can complete the last three Micro labs AT HOME using the internet (same teacher).  So, basically, if I can manage to complete them all before next Wednesday, I can turn them all in and never go to lab again.  My life just got a whole lot easier.

6.  Which is a good thing, since test number 2 today was my Chem quiz, which I bombed.  Well, a 72% isn’t exactly bombing it, but I wasn’t happy.  I really thought I knew the stuff!  I’ve decided I have test-anxiety when it comes to that subject…MUST. STUDY. HARDER.

7.  Test number 3 this week is Stats, which is tomorrow afternoon.  I actually feel pretty good about that one.  Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

8.  The cat left a hairball on our bed this afternoon.  Fantastic.

9.  We still haven’t filed our taxes yet.  We’re definitely “April 15th” people.  Well, I shouldn’t really say “we.” Andrew does about 99.9% of it, so I guess he’s the procrastinator, but since I don’t really lift a finger to help, I can’t fault him too much.

10.  I’m ending my day with session 2 of my Made to Crave Bible study lesson on DVD, with some toenail-painting and some more studying.

on my first week of school

I have two goals this Labor Day: do my nails and get comfortable with chemistry.  I’m already well on my way to accomplishing both; my toenails are done and I’m halfway through my end-of-chapter practice problems.  Hurray!

While everyone else is diving into fall with the emergence of pumpkin-EVERYTHING, I’m resisting the urge and hanging onto summer for at least one more month by sporting teal and coral nail polish before bringing out my arsenal of “fall” colors.  You can read more on my “seasonal” categories of nail polish here and here.  I just got Essie’s “Carry On,” a really deep yet vibrant purple, which I can’t wait to try for fall.  I was going to use it today, but I just couldn’t bear the thought of leaving summer behind in the beginning of September…

Anyway, back to school…

I love school.  I loved it the first time around (for the most part) and have really embraced the thought of being a student for the next few years.  It’s a little weird being older than everyone else, but I’m still in the “relatively young” category.  Us “older folks” in my classes have kind of gravitated toward each other, which is nice.  This time around, however, I sit in the front row, have to resist the urge to “ssshh” my teeny-bopper classmates and take notes feverishly.

I’ve been mostly impressed so far with ECC’s classes and teachers.  I have a mix of teachers, ranging from a young-ish guy who must have his masters’ to a very old Indian man with his Ph.D.  All of them seem genuinely interested in their students’ success and there is a little more ‘hand-holding’ than I was used to at Penn State.  The classes are even small enough to take attendance!

I am definitely anxious about some of the math aspects of my chemistry and anatomy classes.  It’s seriously SIMPLE stuff, and I vaguely remember it from high school, but I’m really having a hard time!  I’m hoping it’s only because I’ve been away from it all for so long (10 years!), and that it will start coming back with practice.  I rocked high school chemistry–seriously, I did.  This self-proclaimed math- and science-phobe scored the highest GPA in chemistry way back when, to include all the bona fide  science nerds.  I’m still not quite sure how I did it, except that I studied a lot, wanted to impress my teacher and I actually did “get” the chemistry to some degree.  So, there is hope I’ll “get it” again, and soon!  Definitely going to have to hit-up Andrew for some chemistry-equation tutoring…

Speaking of Andrew…  He’s been off mountain biking all morning with some guys from work.  Jealous!  Well, a little.  I’m all for mountain biking on a much tamer level than he is.  I’m excited to get a bike; I haven’t had one in years!  If we buy a house in the village, I can’t wait to get one on which I can toodle around town and to which I can attach a basket.  I mean, can’t you just see me riding over to the bakery to pick up a loaf of bread?  Ha!  I can’t wait!  And I need to have some sort of mountain bike…  I can’t let Andrew have all the fun alone!

OK, lunch- and blog-break over!  Back to chemistry!