this has gotta be a record

Morning #5 of oatmeal for breakfast.

This time: Citrus Steel-Cut Oats with Apricot and Cinnamon, from Ancient Grains for Modern Meals

I was on a mission this week to use up a sandwich baggie filled with steel-cut oats that I brought with us from OHIO!  Thankful oats don’t really go “bad”…

I used most of them in the baked oatmeal from the other day, and the last 1/2 C made two servings of oatmeal this morning.

I prepped the oats last night by par-boiling them with a cinnamon stick, then removing them from the heat and covering for an hour while they absorbed the water.  I refrigerated overnight, then all I had to do this morning was add milk, water, cut-up apricots and orange zest.

You can see the golden raisins (added last night) and apricots in my bowl.  Andrew is more of an oatmeal “purist,” so he wasn’t a huge fan.  Not to mention his aversion to apricots in general.  Oh well–more for me!  Up to this point, there wasn’t any sweetener at all in the oatmeal, so I sprinkled about a teaspoon of brown sugar along with some ginger maple syrup on mine.

Yum!  I paired the oatmeal with some plain yogurt and half a grapefruit.  This breakfast kept me full from about 7 – 11:30, when I was hungry after my workout.  I snacked on a couple honey wheat sticks and an orange while my brown rice cooked for my leftover Beef and Broccoli from Steamy Kitchen.  (Which was a HUGE hit by the way… Andrew loved it!)

After this it’s HOMEWORK CENTRAL for me!

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