Shenanigans, part 6 or 7 or 8…

After the packers left and Andrew and I did some cleaning/rounding up around the house, we settled in at Jen & Dave’s to hang out before Jen came home from work.  Translation:  Andrew fell asleep and Dave and I watched a movie.  Defiance.  Daniel Craig is hot. In an older-man sort of way.

Jen was up for some shenanigans when she got home, so we headed down to Rita’s to meet Emily for some water ice.

Andrew wanted to make sure he said goodbye before we leave.  Emily introduced me to Mint Oreo Cream Ice–yummy!  I’m kind of a Rita’s “purist;”  I grew up on Rita’s back when there were no “Blendinis” or “Mistos” or cream ice.  Mango has always been my favorite (along with everyone else apparently; it’s there most popular flavor and is available every day) with plain chocolate (something I have yet to find at the Rita’s here) being a close second.  Anyway, back to being a purist.  I like my water ice plain or a gelati.  No mixing for me.  I splurged and got a gelati with vanilla custard.

Jen and Dave can be pretty goofy when they want to be.  That, and Jen was already up past her bedtime.

I look so pale.  And I want Emily’s hair.  She’s so beautiful!

And because Rita’s at 9:45 at night wasn’t enough sugar for our bloodstreams, Andrew got a craving for pizza.  We threw caution to the wind and headed to Little Caesars.  Sadly, they were closed.

Not to fear; we drove to Emily’s where we plopped down on the couch and turned the television on.  Has anyone ever heard of “Heartbreakers?”  Neither had we.  It was weird.

Emily prepped fruit for her early-morning drive and we said hello to Dan via phone:

Hi Dan!  We missed you last night!

Then, the inevitable happened:  Pizza was ordered.

It may not have been the best, but anything covered in cheese while hanging out with dear friends is just fine with me.

And you better believe my butt was on the treadmill this morning working it all off!

Movers are here loading up the truck and the basement is empty already.

2 thoughts on “Shenanigans, part 6 or 7 or 8…

  1. I’m so glad you captured our shenanigans part something or other. I’m even more glad we threw caution to the wind and stayed up past our bedtimes! You are fun, fantastic and gorgeous miss Holly! There will always be a family here to stay with when you come for a visit. We love you!

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