all boxed up

The packers showed up this morning at 8:30.  Thankfully (or not), I’d been up since 5:15, so at least I’d had a chance to get some things done around the house.

HOWEVER, I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how organized, how much time one has or how many lists one makes…there is no way to be (or feel) completely “cool” with the moving process.  My lack of peace this morning was partly my fault; I wasn’t as productive this week as I’d hoped I’d be.  I could have worked harder.  Could have organized more.   Could have, could have, could have…

Well, the house is pretty much packed up.  We got through it as well as we could today.  Our movers were nice, although I will say I’m always a little anxious about the whole process.  There is just something about being at the mercy of someone else that scares me.  Not that they’ll break my stuff; that they’ll be less than truthful with me.  Cross your fingers and say a prayer for us!

The bathrooms are cleaned and I left cleaning supplies out for tomorrow.  I don’t think the movers will take very long to load the truck…we don’t have that much stuff!  A good portion of it will be coming with us; our Pilot is going to be jammed!  All our food, all our cleaning stuff, almost all our clothes and shoes…

We’re settled into Jen and Dave’s for the last couple days before we leave 🙂

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