First Watch for the last (sniff) time?

I HAD to see Emily once more before we leave, and since she’ll be out of town this weekend, we met for brunch this morning at First Watch near the Dayton Mall.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE First Watch.  I have no idea why.  There isn’t anything super unique about it.  Maybe because it’s always really light and bright in there, they have International Delight coffee creamer (sweet!) and their staple meal is breakfast.  LOVE breakfast.

We did the whole hold-the-camera-out-as-far-as-you-can-and-hope-for-the-best thing.  It worked the second time; the first time I forgot that I was still on zoom.  Picture of Holly’s left eye and pores?  Check.

I’ve never been very good at that, especially with Andrew’s unwieldy camera.  I should ask his sisters…they have got it down to a science!  About 75% of their photos are self-portraits, taken at arms’ length.  I love them.

Anyway, back to brunch.  I was running late, so no makeup.  Oh well…I was in yoga clothes and Chacos.  Emily was on her way to work, so she was beautiful and had awesome lipgloss on.

Susy and I did our last (sniff, tear) long run this morning–we met at the gym at 6:30 to get 10 miles and some lifting in–whoo hoo!  So, I splurged and got the Floridian French Toast:

I usually try to get something off the “healthy” part of the menu or do enough substitutions on a regular item to lighten it up, but I figured that today, of all days, I could go carb-heavy.  I love the addition of fruit (they have regular french toast, too) so I can use less syrup.

Emily was a good girl and got the Healthy Turkey, another of my faves after she discovered it when we went to First Watch in Columbus on a couples’ weekend trip.

It’s a yummy egg-white, turkey omelette with feta, spinach and tomatoes (she left them out) for about 190 calories–it does not get better than that!  I feel so empowered to make healthy decisions at the grocery store and restaurants because of all I’ve learned about food.  I get sad when I see people make decisions THINKING they are healthy ones, when in reality, they aren’t.  And don’t get me wrong; I’ve made my share of bad decisions thinking I was making good ones.  I just chalk it up to a learning experience and try to do better the next time.

I was SO TIRED on the drive home from brunch!  Seriously, I could have fallen asleep at the wheel!  Perhaps I was slipping into a sugar coma after all the caramels yesterday, a major depletion of energy this morning, then a sugary meal?  I tried to nap on the couch when I got home (despite all the things on my to-do list today) but I don’t know if I fell asleep or not.  (Story of my life!)  At least I got some rest–I’m going on SEVERE sleep deprivation here!  I haven’t slept past 6 a.m. in months…(this morning it was 4:40 a.m.)  Seriously, I am not exaggerating.

Made an iced coffee and now it’s back to work for me!

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