H/B/F 2017: best of Paris–food and drink

For Andrew and me, one of the best parts of travel–perhaps THE best part–is eating.  We love enjoying both regional specialties and emerging cuisines, basically anything that comes recommended by our host, our guidebook or Andrew’s own online research.  As usual, this trip did not disappoint. Continue reading “H/B/F 2017: best of Paris–food and drink”

St. Louis-style Pizza

Here’s something I whipped-up for dinner a few nights ago:


St. Louis-Style Pizza!  (Who knew they had their own kind?!)

I found the recipe on Facebook via King Arthur Flour…such a dangerous page to Like.  Seriously.  That, and Kara Goucher’s page…she’s a elite runner who keeps making yummy things from #runningonveggies.  I just made some ‘pre-workout energy’ muffins using oat flour, almond milk and blueberries (and some other ingredients).  Yum!

Back to the pizza.

It’s a baking-powder crust (or use self-rising flour), so no wait time!  It’s also topped with a variety of non-traditional cheeses, like white cheddar, swiss and smoked provolone.  The crust comes out very thin and cracker-like, but not at all like Marion’s (a famous Ohio pizza I liked to describe as a ‘cracker crust with pre-chewed toppings’) since it’s not yeast-y.  The cheeses melt down and get ooey-gooey, and while you could definitely throw a couple more toppings on there, I wouldn’t overdo it.  The crust barely browned on the bottom–I used both a pizza stone and parchment on a cookie sheet–so you don’t want to overload it.  With it’s slightly smokey taste, I think I bit of ground sausage would be a nice addition, maybe some onion?

Anyway, you could literally whip the pizza up in about 30 minutes total, which makes it ideal for last-minute dinner or appetizer ideas.  It’s so light, it really could be an appetizer!  I served it for dinner with salads and we ate BOTH pizzas.  I had been a little nervous Andrew wouldn’t like the cheese combo, but it was fine.  I’m sure he could tell it wasn’t mozzarella, but I didn’t think there was a strong smokey flavor.

Definitely going to keep this one in mind for times I need a quick flatbread dough!  I could see it as an appetizer; I’m thinking friends over, light pizza pieces on which to nibble with a light rose or red wine, followed by something ‘Italian’ like a veggie lasagna with green salads…followed by tiramisu.  Of course.

a surprising valentine’s day

So, instead of the salmon, broccoli carpaccio and wild rice with fennel meal I had planned on making for Valentine’s Day, this is what it turned into:


(We tend to celebrate our “dating” anniversary–Feb. 17–and go out then. This year we’re going to Tantalus in Main Street.)

At the same time I decided to stay at school to get some more work done, Andrew decided to come home early to surprise me…go figure. He had even set up the flowers and goodies when he was home for lunch!

By the time I got home at 6 p.m., we decided starting dinner wasn’t the best option. Pasquale’s to the rescue! I sent Andrew out to pick up the pizza and some redbox movies, while I QUICK! popped the angel food cake I’d been planning to make in the oven.

We spent the evening together on the couch, and I barely argued when Andrew suggested we watch the second movie, too.



I served our angel food cake with a tiny bit of cool-whip and valentine sprinkles–hardly an ‘indulgence’ but my dessert for the week nonetheless.


Well, I think our ‘plan B’ Valentine’s Day was pretty darn good. It’s nice to know that after seven years of marriage we can still have fun doing nothing together and that there are still tearful, handwritten card messages, flowers and unique presents.