H/B/F 2017: best of Paris–food and drink

For Andrew and me, one of the best parts of travel–perhaps THE best part–is eating.  We love enjoying both regional specialties and emerging cuisines, basically anything that comes recommended by our host, our guidebook or Andrew’s own online research.  As usual, this trip did not disappoint. Continue reading “H/B/F 2017: best of Paris–food and drink”

H/B/F 2017: Chartres

While in Paris, Andrew and I finally made it to Chartres.  (It was on the itinerary last year, but we punted to have some extra days in the city.)  Chartres is known for its cathedral, and we were able to take a memorable tour with Malcolm Miller, the resident expert on the church.  Continue reading “H/B/F 2017: Chartres”

H/B/F 2017: Picasso and the Louvre

While we were in Paris last year, we visited the Picasso Museum during the ‘Night of the Museums,’ but didn’t get to finish it before it closed for the evening.  This year, we made sure to see it from top to bottom.

Continue reading “H/B/F 2017: Picasso and the Louvre”