we brought the gym to Thai 9

I am so blessed to have some really great friends.  I have Bible study friends, house church friends, neighbor friends and gym friends (and more that I’m forgetting to mention, I’m sure).  Tonight, my gym friends and I went to Thai 9.  (We probably should have apologized to all the other patrons for our raucous laughter, horrified gasps and random suggestive language…we can be quite a rowdy bunch!)

Here’s the lovely group of ladies, sans myself…I was taking the picture!  (A sweet girl came over to take a group shot, but they did not turn out well at all.  No, that isn’t code for I-looked-terrible-so-I-won’t-put-it-online, but I will say the way I was hunched over in the photo wasn’t exactly flattering.)

Here’s the group of lovely ladies who sweat it out just about every day here at the local L.A. Fitness:

Here are Nicole (L) and Kelly.  Nicole is a homeschooling mom whose children range in age from pre-teen to college.  She just ran her first marathon and is one of the most disciplined runners I’ve ever met.  Kelly is a mother of two boys whose husband is about to return from a year-long deployment–woo hoo!  She’s also incredibly dedicated to her gym routine and has a lost a whopping FIFTY-ONE pounds!

These ladies are two of the funniest around!  Mia/Mimi (L) and Kathryn are both commanders’ wives, yet they know how to cut loose…pretty much whenever they want to!  Mia is the kind of woman who says exactly what’s on her mind (which may elicit a gasp or two) without a second thought.  I wish I could have just a tenth of her confidence.  I’ve had such fun with these ladies.  Kathryn was in Bible study with Susy and me this past year and started coming to the gym with Mia.

  Kathy is also a marathon runner and mother to a daughter in elementary school.  She enjoys aerobics and weights as well.  Susy and I got to cheer for her in Cincinnati this May when she did the Flying Pig Half-Marathon and Nicole did the full (her first!).

And of course, my dear friend, Susy.  She is my running inspiration, a phenomenal friend and an amazing Christian woman who I look up to so much.  Knowing her has changed my life forever.  I love you, Susy.

Oh, and if anyone is in Dayton with a mind to go to Thai 9, do yourself a favor and order the coconut ice cream with fried banana pieces and honey for dessert.  It’s rich and sweet and light and exotic and fruity all at the same time.  Other things not to miss:  Chicken Spring Rolls with peanut sauce and the Tom Kha Kai soup.  You won’t regret either of them!

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