a list

Because I’m exhausted yet haven’t checked-in in awhile…

1.  I took THIRD PLACE in the 3rd Annual Dirty Dude Girl Trail Race at Sugarcreek MetroPark this morning!  Seriously, I’m still in shock.  Susy ran with me, so really we tied for third…I just nudged by her across the finish line!  And the field wasn’t too small, maybe 150 women?  So yeah, it kinda made my month.

2.  Emily introduced me to the Dude Girl race and for that I will be forever thankful.  I’m so coming back next year!

3.  I am moving in less than a week.  Another shocker.

4.  I have FOUR lists going, not including my planner.  They are all sitting out on the kitchen island.  One for all the phone calls I have to make regarding moving, one for all the things we have to do before the packers show up, one for all the things we need to bring with us in our cars and one for all the questions I have for our extended stay, like, “do you have dish towels in the room?”

5.  I’m meeting Andrew’s mom outside of Cleveland tomorrow to hand over Hadrian, all his gear and a bunch of stuff that we’ll need for our hotel “stay” (more like short-term apartment lease!).  I can’t thank her enough for all the help she’s been and her willingness to take on a HUGE handful for even just a few days.

6.  I bathed Hadrian today.  Next time, I’m going to have Andrew video it so we can put it on YouTube.  (I’m sorry–this is the part in which I start bragging about my “child.”)  He’s a dream to bathe.  Here’s why: we entered the bathroom.  I said, “OK, hop in.”  He climbed in, sat down and got a little drink when I turned the water on.  I proceeded to take my sweet time sudsing him up (he was going to visit grandma and all), then even had him TURN AROUND IN THE TUB, and do it all on the other side.  I rinsed, then toweled him off.  There was no whining, crying, pushing, shaking or attempting in any way to exit the tub.  You’d have to see it to believe it.

7.  How does one defrost a freezer?  Do I just empty it and turn it off?  Thank goodness for Google.

8.  I picked up poop in our yard here FOR THE LAST TIME.  Hooray!

9.  Andrew gets here Wednesday night–yay!

10.  Then the fun begins…cramming all the things we should take a week to do into one night before the packers show up.  Say a prayer for us!

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