Happy Belated Birthday

My birthday was last Friday.  Also on Friday we had Heather’s promotion, then our “Bon Voyage Bash” and then Andrew and I went out of town Saturday and Sunday.  Memorial Day was spent sleeping in (until 7:15 for me!), getting the house ready for the inspection, a final Rita’s trip with Heather and Maggie, then a BBQ with friends.  Tuesday was Heather’s goodbye lunch, then our home inspection, then goodbye to Heather (sniff).

So, basically what I’m saying is, I’ve only just now come up for air.

Emily’s birthday was last Friday, too.  We’re “Irish Twins one year removed.”  At least that’s what I’ve decided to call us.

Look!  Heather was making cookies…yum!

OK, break for air is over.  Next up: house-hunting trip in East Aurora!

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