a hot tub AND a fireplace

We checked into our hotel last night after having dinner with Andrew’s parents.  It’s weird staying at a hotel in East Aurora.  I’ve never had to before.  I probably never will again.  Technically, I suppose we don’t really HAVE to right now, but the company is paying for it.  Sweet.  And it makes this house-hunting trip a little more like a vacation than just a visit to family.

Anyway, we didn’t get a room at the swanky Roycroft Inn since they didn’t have availability for all the nights we needed, but we got something BETTER.  Isn’t it neat when God does that?

There is one other hotel in East Aurora, the Hampton Inn, and we got upgraded.  (I assume because there is NO ONE here.  I mean, come on, it’s East Aurora.  Unless it’s Roycroft Festival weekend or Moog has a giant conference, who comes here?)

Our room is awesome.  Actually, it’s a suite.  Our sitting room with micro-fridge, desk, couch and TV:

The goodies we bought last night at Tops, which is like a (slightly) nicer Kroger.  Definitely more selection at Tops, so I’m excited about that!  Must have a banana pre-run!

Luna bars for my afternoon snack.  Again, Tops had way more flavors than I’d ever seen at the commissary, Trader Joe’s or Kroger.

I splurged (or, rather, our relocation people did) for Chobani.  Love it.  Hate paying more than a DOLLAR for a cup of yogurt.

I also brought goodies from home, like cherries, coffee creamer, hummus, snap peas and grapes.

We have a full-length mirror–must get one for the house.  Had one in our apartment–I have missed it!  Hi self!  (Definitely had fun taking this picture.)

Our giant bathroom!

Hot tub in the bedroom.  Wish I’d known–I would have brought bubble bath!

Andrew found the bed about two seconds after we got in the room.  Yes, he is still in his clothes.

Our fireplace.  Not really sure we’ll use it, but a nice touch.

Went for a run this morning in the village, then had Tiramisu French Toast at Taste, which was just as amazing as it sounds, and now I’m waiting to meet up with our realtor!  Wish me luck on finding a house!

2 thoughts on “a hot tub AND a fireplace

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it…sometimes I really do wonder if anyone cares at all! We’re having fun here and can’t wait to get settled (which looks like it’s awhile away…) so we can have visitors!!!

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