a last bridal shower

Let’s hope so, anyway! My brother, Aaron, got married to his girlfriend in Korea last summer, and they are in the midst of planning a wedding here so that our family can attend. Two weekends ago, my mom threw his wife, Sewon, a bridal shower and we made the trek down to DC again. (‘Again,’ meaning that by the end of the summer, we will have driven to Virginia ONCE A MONTH from February to July, and then again in September. That’s seven times! The upside: we’ve FINALLY perfected our route, and marked all the playgrounds along the way.)

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thursday is for baking

I made it through today (Wednesday I leave at 8 a.m. and don’t return until almost 9 p.m.) and am exhausted.  I have an open Chem lab in front of me to complete, two GIANT tests coming up in the next couple days (one is Friday; the bigger one is Monday, thank goodness!), as well as a ‘to-do’ pile the size of Texas.

And all I can think about is baking.

Tomorrow, I am not painting.  I am not doing yardwork.  (Unless, of course, it’s beautiful and I need a break and the guilt overcomes me.)

I’m baking and studying.  Baking, studying.  Repeat.

There will be cinnamon apple scones.  There will be pumpkin amazeballs.  There might even be another treat, although it’s hard enough around here to eat what little I DO find the time to make!

And, not only do I get to bake–I get to cook!  Our neighbors had their baby and I’m bringing them dinner 🙂 She’s a vegetarian (the mom, not the baby, obviously), so I’ll be giving them a quinoa dish with zucchini, dill and feta, as well as our favorite Nutty Sweet Potato Soup and a green salad.  Oh!  And I can make bread!  In the breadmaker…I’m already probably too overcommitted (ahem, the still un-done lab in front of me).

Alright…enough procrastinating.  Eyes are drooping.  Still have to pack the swim bag for the morning.  Sheesh…