a last bridal shower

Let’s hope so, anyway! My brother, Aaron, got married to his girlfriend in Korea last summer, and they are in the midst of planning a wedding here so that our family can attend. Two weekends ago, my mom threw his wife, Sewon, a bridal shower and we made the trek down to DC again. (‘Again,’ meaning that by the end of the summer, we will have driven to Virginia ONCE A MONTH from February to July, and then again in September. That’s seven times! The upside: we’ve FINALLY perfected our route, and marked all the playgrounds along the way.)

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here comes the bride

Not yet, but she did go to her shower!

(I’m terribly behind; her shower was MUCH earlier this month.)

“T” for Tatlow.  Beautiful name cards and a framed invitation on the table at the bottom of the stairs.

Abigail worked her little rear end off transforming their church basement into a colorful wonderland of bubble lanterns and tissue-paper flowers!

Each place setting had a placemat, napkin with ribbon ring and a small Mason jar with decorative top as a ‘favor’ for each guest.

Glittery “Mr.” and “Mrs.” decorations for the gift table–all made by Abigail.

The food was great–so impressed with how it all turned out!

Watermelon with feta and mint (!)…

Andrew’s mom made these cupcakes with white chocolate petals!

I made three kinds of treats:

Luscious lime…

Strawberry blondies…

…and those chocolate brookies that everyone loves.

Another cupcake Andrew’s mom made:

…and the main dish: Wegmans subs!  They were fantastic, and I thought the presentation was nice.

There was socializing and some game-playing.

Hi grandma!

And of course, there was gift-opening:

Here are Abigail and Carolyn with all the Hedges girls–they’ve been friends from birth, practically.

The bride and her maid of honor:

The family:

All the bridesmaids:

The happy couple:

And even Andrew made an appearance; thanks for helping clean up!  Love you, sweetie 🙂