my little bro is getting married!

Hard to believe, huh?  I remember when this kid was BORN.

He and his fiancé, Hannah, are both students at Liberty University in Virginia.  I’ve met her a couple times and she seems to be the perfect fit for him–the strong, silent-type who will keep him in line without having to raise her voice, mature beyond her years and overall a very nice girl.  I’m excited to have her as a future sister-in-law!

I went down to my parents’ house a couple weekends ago for the bridal shower my mom hosted for her.  I arrived a couple days early to help with some of the shopping and even had time to make this for the soon-to-be-married couple:

Mom had seen the pieces I mentioned in this post and loved them, so she asked me to make something for Josh and Hannah to use at the wedding.

Here we are, post-party:

That night, the three of us stayed up late working on wedding decorations.  They are doing a ‘rustic’ theme and my mom has collected countless wooden and metal boxes, crates and lanterns, as well as chalkboard signs and yards of burlap and lace.

Using Pinterest as my guide, I lettered some of their chalkboards:

I was especially proud of this one:

Can’t wait for the big day in just a couple weeks!

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