Eating to Prevent Illness

At the end of last year, I encouraged you to eat more vegetables. Now is the time to cook with winter squash and add greens, canned tomatoes, lots of garlic into soups and stews, especially since they can help you fend off all those nasty bugs going around! With cold and flu season at its peak, it’s more important than ever to be diligent when it comes to your health.

In addition to practicing good hand washing, and getting enough sleep, exercise and fresh air (Did you know many times we get sick simply because we’re cooped up inside sharing germs?), eating immunity-boosting foods really CAN give you a leg-up in the illness-prevention game. Continue reading “Eating to Prevent Illness”

how to find the best of everything 

You guys know I like a good product review, right?  (Heck, I write my own!  Go to ‘Things I Love’ for more.)  I LOVE reading up on the newest or best stuff out there, especially beauty products.  Before I make almost any purchase, I do a little research to make sure what I’m getting makes the cut.   Continue reading “how to find the best of everything “

Tuna with Sauerkraut

The other day, I received an email from Safe Catch, a canned tuna company that uses higher-than-industry-standards for mercury testing (they test every single fish!) and buys only from sea captains using sustainable fishing methods.  In the email, a recipe mentioned using sauerkraut in tuna salad.  Hmmm.  It got me thinking.  I like sauerkraut, and I had some in my fridge, and some canned tuna in the pantry (not Safe Catch, as this email was the first I’d heard of them, but after reading up on their company, I decided to grab a couple cans last time I was at Wegmans).  And I try to eat something fermented every day (probiotics, man!), so why not?


Here’s my spin on the tuna-sauerkraut recipe:

1 can tuna (approx 6 oz)

1/3 C sauerkraut

1 small apple, chopped

1 tsp caraway seeds

dressing: 2 T homemade mayo, 1 T dijion mustard, a dash of apple cider vinegar

1 T toasted pistachios

Mix mayo, djion and vinegar; add a pinch of salt. Drain tuna and mix all ingredients together, stir with dressing. Serve over greens and top with pistachios, or with really good rye bread.