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You guys know I like a good product review, right?  (Heck, I write my own!  Go to ‘Things I Love’ for more.)  I LOVE reading up on the newest or best stuff out there, especially beauty products.  Before I make almost any purchase, I do a little research to make sure what I’m getting makes the cut.  

Well, a couple months ago, one of‘s ‘outreach specialists’ contacted me about featuring their probiotic review page on the blog.  (It’s like she read my mind; I’d been meaning to research and select a probiotic to begin using for ages!)

I perused their page, but filed it away until I’d had a chance to thoroughly check it out, and perhaps even begin using a probiotic.  And then I got a job.  Fast-forward a couple months and I’m JUST NOW starting to re-engage my goal of being more active on the blog, etc…  But I digress.  Back to and probiotics. is just that–a compilation of product reviews of anything from yoga mats to dog food.  In fact, while I was surfing their page, I found their coffee maker reviews and noticed they rated Bonavita’s highly, which is the brand I was considering buying last year.  I took it–and Sur La Table’s sale on coffee makers–as a sign and ordered the 5-cup version straightaway.  (My previous coffee maker–a Capresso–was still “working,” a.k.a. limping along  due to missing gasket, making more-often-than-not a water mess on the counter and not brewing the correct amount of ounces per single cup.  Now that I’m working, I wanted to be able to drink a small cup each morning while I’m getting ready, then take the rest in a travel mug to the office, which wasn’t as convenient with the Capresso.)  I’ve been enjoying delicious, hot coffee in the amount I want ever since.

Again, I digress.

I’d been considering trying a probiotic for some time (they’re all the rage, you know), but hadn’t done any research into what brand or type I should buy.  Thankfully, did all the work for me!

Above you’ll see their top choices for probiotics.  Feel free to read up on them here.  I did, and chose to try the Nature’s Way Women’s Fortify and the Islands Miracle Ultra-30, their top choice. I’m still in the ‘experimentation phase’ with those, so I’ll post about my experience with probiotics sometime soon.  (Soon being relative, based on the fact that I’m trying to give each of them about a month in my system, and the fact that blogging has gotten lower on the totem pole these days…)

For now, I’ll tell you a little more about  At first, I was skeptical about their process, wondering how they chose their products and what kind of ‘compensation’ they were receiving for plugging one over the other.  Their ‘About’ page spells out their methodology behind the reviews, how they make money (affiliate links) and even includes all of their names and photos.  (There’s a surprising amount of them, all of whom appear to be hipsters in their 30s.  Just an educated guess, as their office is in Seattle.)

Basically, for each item they review, they do some outside research, get input from industry experts and test it for themselves.  They swear they don’t plug specific items related to the amount they might get in a ‘kickback,’ but rather supply affiliate links to the items they deem worthy.  (How do I get in on this ‘affiliate link’ business?  I plug lots of stuff, simply because I like it and want others to know I found something great.)

I really enjoyed perusing their site–they even have an ‘index’ of all their reviews–so in your free time (if you have any!), it might make worthwhile reading.  The reviews were well written, concise and identified the top picks quickly before delving into more detail (for those without free time).  One thing I did notice:  I wasn’t able to get to their ‘Probiotic Supplement’ page by typing in ‘probiotics’ into their search bar.  Knowing the page did indeed exist, I found it in the index under ‘Probiotic Supplement.’  So, if you can’t find something on your first search, try using other names or the index, under ‘All Reviews.’

I’ll definitely use next time I’m looking to make a purchase.  It’s like Consumer Reports, but without a subscription!  In the meantime, I might skim over their other reviews just for kicks–you never know when you’ll find the next best _______!

—————————————————————————————————————————-Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  I did not receive any compensation from  All onions are my own.

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