epic backyard landscaping project: the TILLING

DUN DUN DUNNNNN. (Insert dramatic theme music here.)

This is the part of the project that keeps me up at night.  Literally–I haven’t slept well in almost a week!  Andrew’s dad has a beast of a tiller that is older than dirt, heavier than crap and covered in rust.  I’ve used it before, so I knew tilling up this much surface area with it would be quite the undertaking.   Continue reading “epic backyard landscaping project: the TILLING”

Memorial Day Weekend

OK, so this is a *bit* later than I’d like, but things have been especially hectic over here these past two weeks, and it will be about another two weeks until it slows down, but it’s aaaallllllll goooooood, mon.

*Disclaimer:  You will see virtually NO photos of us from the entire weekend.  Yet again, we were ‘photo-challenged’ (as my mom puts it) and failed to take A SINGLE PHOTO TOGETHER.  Seriously.  Where’s Andrew and his camera when you need them?!

My parents visited for the long weekend, which was INCREDIBLE.  My parents are in DC and we’re all pretty busy, so visits are few and far-between; it’s a good year if I see one or both parents more than once.  Having them come here and see how much work we’ve done on the house–especially the backyard–was really neat.  Also, my mom and I have birthdays that weekend just a day apart, (it gets better, too–my grandmother’s birthday is the day after my mom’s) and I grew up celebrating all three of our birthdays together, either at Bamma’s house in Virginia, or at our house in Pennsylvania when we lived there.  It’s been a number of years since we’ve done that, and Andrew and I have been out of the country the past three years over my birthday, so it was really special to be with my parents again.  Check out the beautiful cake my dad picked out for our BBQ Monday: Continue reading “Memorial Day Weekend”