fabulous, fun-filled Friday

Yesterday was pretty darn good.

Let’s just say that one of the first things Emily and I discussed when we met up for lunch yesterday was cupcakes.  She was jonesing for one, and I knew just the place 🙂  Emily had never been to East Aurora before, so we’ve been meaning to have an ‘East Aurora date’ for awhile now.  Thankfully, we were blessed with some of the best weather of the year and freedom from school schedules.  We ate lunch outside at Arriba, walked all over the village, got iced coffees at Taste and popped into Vidler’s.  To close our fun-filled day, we made our way to Firefly, where I tried the ‘Trevoreo’ and she got the Key Lime.  Heaven, I tell you.

As usual, I’m wishing I’d taken photos so I could blog about everything, but thankfully this time someone else did it for me!  Emily is also a blogger (and dietetics student at Buff State), so click here to check out our day!

And as if I hadn’t had enough blissful enjoyment of quaint East Aurora for one day, Andrew and I dined on the patio at Rick’s on Main to celebrate my semester well done.  If only we’d had room for Kone King on our way out of town…

We’re prepping for a last-minute camping trip tonight with Andrew’s friends from work (which has thrown me into a tizzy that I’m trying to shake off as we speak), and looking forward to spending some quality time together on my first Saturday with no school!

…and i’m DONE

(At least for the next two weeks before my online class starts…)

I’m taking it slow today; just trying to relax and enjoy tackling my GIANT to-do list (you know, the one with all the things I’ve put-off for the last two weeks…) piece-by-piece.  Up first: BLOGGING!

So, yesterday was the big day; my Chem 2 final.  I think I was more nervous for this one (despite my insane amount of studying) because I remembered how hard the Chem 1 final had been.  Plus, everyone in my class knew I’d done exceptionally well on the first one, so I felt all this unnecessary pressure to do just as well the second time around.  Only time will tell; I get my grade Thursday.

All in all, the test went well.  A bunch of us showed up early for a study session with the tutor–which really just turned into a pseudo-party with donuts that probably served as more of a stress-reliever than anything else.  I wish I could say that I walked out of the test a few minutes early knowing I’d done my absolute best and been able to feel incredible relief; instead I took every last moment and even then didn’t have a chance to go back and give the ones I’d had questions on a second look.  The ACS finals are just like that; you just never know how you did until you get your grade.  I’m not worried; the truth is that I studied hard, I’m a good student, I went into the exam with a 101% average in the class and the final is highly curved–if I don’t get an A, no one will.  What I’m really interested in is my raw score on the final…

I did, however, take one last look at ECC before I left–all finished there!

Abigail and I had a late lunch at Arriba, where I enjoyed a small margarita on the rocks with salt (my absolute favorite) and just relaxed outside enjoying the mild weather.  She just returned from a whirlwind week in Florida with her campus Christian fellowship from Penn State, so she was just as bushed as me.  It was so nice to be able to (finally!) be able to enjoy talking about summer plans, Carolyn’s shower details and birthdays coming up (our summer is full of them).

Afterward, we got our nails done 🙂  (Because that’s what girls do, of course, and that’s what THIS GIRL does to reward herself after a semester well-done.)

This is the color I fell in love with at J. Crew a few weeks ago, but hadn’t had time to actually paint on my nails.  It’s even brighter than this in person…  What can I say?  I wanted to CELEBRATE.

Abigail and I decided some iced coffee and Main Street-walking was in order after our nails were finished, so we ended our afternoon doing that. Oh, and trying on the HOT PINK HEELS Carolyn picked out for us for her wedding.  Oh, they are bright.  Oh, what an excuse to buy something I would NEVER buy myself in a million years.  🙂  I just told Andrew he’s going to have to take me places one can wear hot pink heels (with black pants, perhaps) so I can get some use out of them.  Rick’s, I think?

Speaking of Rick’s…  We were supposed to go there to celebrate the end of my semester, but it was a bit overcast.  We love nothing more than sitting on their patio, every table full, on a beautiful night enjoying good food, good wine and good weather, and (unfortunately) it was just not that kind of night around here.  So, we opted for The King and I, a thai place a bit north of Buffalo.

Love this outfit, and LOVE those shoes 🙂  I wore them for my exam.

After starting with hot tea (for him), white wine (for me) and an order of spring rolls (Andrew’s absolute favorite), our dinners arrived.

Instead of pad thai, my normal dish, I ordered their house noodles, which was similar but with more crushed peanuts, less tamarind and more veggies.  YUM.

Andrew got a spicy stir-fry and gobbled it right up!

Don’t you love his shirt?  He knew I would.  It was a recent J.Crew purchase on super sale-$27.99!  LOVE IT.  He has these awesome light linen pants he’s always pairing with heavy or dark shirts/shoes/jacket, so this shirt will help give him something light and season-appropriate to wear with them.

We were both craving a little vanilla ice cream action, and Dairy Queen is Andrew’s favorite.  (I’m a Kone King kind of girl, myself, but DQ is good, too.  And it was way more convenient.)

Can you tell which one was mine?  Despite my outright OBSESSION with ice cream, I was a good girl and ordered a small, which was just right.  However, I’m already salivating over my next DQ treat: the ‘confetti cake’ blizzard they’re featuring this month.  A mini-version will definitely find its way into my mouth when Abigail and I go to the mall to run errands later this week…

I have LOTS to do today…  Up next: clean the house!  Between all the freshly mowed grass we’ve tracked in (grrr…), hair, dust and other things that have been ignored for the past couple days, it’s a MESS!

the lion king

Really, the title of this post should be “we had a great date-night out and all I have to show for it are two snap shots before we left.”



(Don’t we look nice all dressed up?  I love my new cardigan–a neutral gray with stripes of one of my favorite colors, teal–a major find at Target.)

Don’t get me wrong, the show was AMAZING (more on that later) and dinner was fantastic, but what occupied most of my brain was all the great “documenting” I was missing because neither of us wanted to carry around the giant camera.

Seriously, I don’t know how “real” bloggers do it.  Kath bikes everywhere, so where the heck does she keep her camera?  She uses a digital SLR like Andrew’s.  I’ve even toyed with the idea of getting an uber-fancy point-and-shoot with lots of manual control settings that would force me to learn how to take good pictures.

However, I still have yet to purchase said camera, which is turning out to be a good thing, since the NEW iPhone 4S is out and I’m getting one!  And, apparently, the camera on it is the best thing since sliced bread, so maybe I’ll just use that…  I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for the iPhone (first for it to come to Verizon, then for the iPhone 5 that was rumored to come out this year) and I’ve been eligible for a new phone for A YEAR and my touchscreen is completely broken…so you can see that I completely deserve and can justify the iPhone.  (Or not, but I thought I’d try…)

The iPhone will, however, really come in handy now that I’m back in school and thus away from the computer more than I used to be.  I can take photos, upload and blog from anywhere, check movie times and get directions while in the car and use awesome apps that will allow me to count my calories and even find my car in a parking lot–SCORE!  (And apparently the “S” part of it is this awesome “personal assistant–Siri–kind of thing” that will basically talk BACK to you, which is neat.  Once I get the hang of all the voice controls, I will no longer feel guilty about what little texting and driving (gasp!  Only at stop signs and lights, people!) I do.

OK, enough about the iPhone…I’ll blog more about it later when I actually get it.

Back to our evening out 🙂

I ROCKED my second Anatomy test (ANOTHER 100% baby!) and the tickets for The Lion King were actually my birthday present from Andrew’s parents, so the hubby let me choose where we went to dinner.  I chose Papaya, which is an (as we found out, UPSCALE) Asian Fusion restaurant in downtown Buffalo.  We loved it!  Well, I loved it and Andrew liked it–which basically means he’d go back.  In Andrew’s words, “It was a very ‘me’ place.”

I loved the atmosphere; a bit modern but still comfortable.  White tablecloths, wine glasses and candles.  Diners were all dressed in at least business casual, if not a bit nicer, so that worked out really well for us.  There is (almost) nothing I hate more in life than being over- or under-dressed.  Seriously.  It puts me so ill at ease that I can barely enjoy myself.  Is it a terrible fault and should I be able to just “get over it?”  Probably.  But I’m still waiting on that magical power to appear…  So, we fit right in since were dressed up for our show.

We started with a Whiskey Sour (for Andrew) and a Pineapple Upside Down Martini (for me–YUM!) and split orders of spring rolls and potstickers. Andrew said they were the best potstickers he’d ever had.

Andrew got the Pad Thai and I branched out (I ALWAYS get the pad thai to see if I like a restaurant’s version) and got a spicy pepper chicken dish served with sauteed bok choy and coconut rice.  The rice was to die for.  It was basically dessert for dinner.  Andrew liked the pad thai and I tried a few bites, too.  It had a smokier, deeper tamarind flavor than you typically find in traditional Thai restaurants.  We both really enjoyed the meal and are looking forward to going back again soon.  Heather, you would have loved it!

We walked three blocks to Shea’s Performing Arts Center and took our THIRD ROW seats with time to spare.  Shea’s itself is a beautiful theater; its walls are ornate and decorated.  it felt like we had traveled back in time or something.

The show was phenomenal.  At first I thought it was weird that we were surrounded by kids (you know, at night, downtown, on a school night, at a play) until I remembered it was The Lion King.  Duh.

The costumes are incredible.  There just is no two ways about it.  If you like the theater and are into color and arts-y stuff and interpretive dance, this is the show for you.  It was neat to “revisit” our childhood a little and see how excited some of the youngsters got.  There was even a GIANT elephant walking down the aisle next to us!

Les Miserable, my absolute FAVORITE play (mom took me while we were in London for my 16th birthday) is coming to Shea’s this spring and Andrew has never seen it.  Guess we’ll be back there soon…