fabulous, fun-filled Friday

Yesterday was pretty darn good.

Let’s just say that one of the first things Emily and I discussed when we met up for lunch yesterday was cupcakes.  She was jonesing for one, and I knew just the place 🙂  Emily had never been to East Aurora before, so we’ve been meaning to have an ‘East Aurora date’ for awhile now.  Thankfully, we were blessed with some of the best weather of the year and freedom from school schedules.  We ate lunch outside at Arriba, walked all over the village, got iced coffees at Taste and popped into Vidler’s.  To close our fun-filled day, we made our way to Firefly, where I tried the ‘Trevoreo’ and she got the Key Lime.  Heaven, I tell you.

As usual, I’m wishing I’d taken photos so I could blog about everything, but thankfully this time someone else did it for me!  Emily is also a blogger (and dietetics student at Buff State), so click here to check out our day!

And as if I hadn’t had enough blissful enjoyment of quaint East Aurora for one day, Andrew and I dined on the patio at Rick’s on Main to celebrate my semester well done.  If only we’d had room for Kone King on our way out of town…

We’re prepping for a last-minute camping trip tonight with Andrew’s friends from work (which has thrown me into a tizzy that I’m trying to shake off as we speak), and looking forward to spending some quality time together on my first Saturday with no school!

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