Letting Your Kids Choose

This is the fourth column in a series about talking to kids about food.  My first column used the colors of the rainbow to illustrate how to describe the benefits of certain foods to elementary-aged children.  Next, I taught you some phrases to use with your kids, such as “Dinner is soon,” or “I’m not offering that food right now; maybe it will be in the menu tomorrow.”  Last month, I offered some helpful hints to navigate food with your kids at all of the summer events you have coming up.

One of the phrases I included in my column two months ago deserves a bit more attention, as it just might be the way to end mealtime frustration. 

“You don’t have to eat it.”

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a family wedding

Earlier this month, my brother got married (technically he and Sewon were already married) in a ceremony at my parents’ church outside Washington, D.C. Maelle was the sweetest little flower girl, I got to see lots of cousins, and we even got my new paddle board out on its maiden voyage.

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